Best Brooklyn Spots to Catch 4th of July Fireworks

Best Brooklyn Spots to Catch 4th of July Fireworks

Best Brooklyn Spots to Catch 4th of July Fireworks

This year is Macy’s 40th Anniversary showcasing their extravagant 4th of July fireworks display. The beautiful bright lights can be seen from all different locations throughout the city. 🎆🎇 (http://www.nbc.com/macys-4th-of-july-fireworks-spectacular?nbc=1)

For those Brooklynites who don’t wish to leave their borough on the day the United State’s Independence was declared…AMURICAAAA F*CK YEAH 🇺🇸 Look to us to give you the best Brooklyn Cloth guide in where you should trek to to view the glowing red and white and blue fireworks.

1. Bushwick Inlet Park-

This amazing park right in the heart of Williamsburg gives you those gorgeous views of Manhattan, that arguably are the best views of the city. The wide open views will give you and your friends plenty of opportunity to catch the red, white, and blue 4th of July fireworks. There is plenty of seating and it gives people the opportunity to combine their love for city views and natural water habitats.

How To Get There: Kent Ave. bet. N 9 St. and N 12 St., Franklin St. bet. N 14 St. and Quay St. Brooklyn- Bedford L Stop


2. Grand Ferry Park-

This park is small an intimate and wont be filled with crazy amounts of tourists trying to get the best firework view. Also located in Brooklyn, this little park is close to a lot of restaurants and bars that will surely be having events going out through the day. Once you’ve got your fill you can walk over to the sand filled ground, laydown a baja blanket, curl up with a cozy hooded sweatshirt (https://www.brooklyncloth.com/collections/sweatshirts-sweaters), and catch the bright light show in the sky.

How To Get There: River and Grand St. Brooklyn – Bedford L Stop


3. Brooklyn Heights Promenade-

Though the views from the Brooklyn Heights piers are GORGEOUS, be prepared for large amounts of people gathering together to share the scenic firework views; especially on 4th of July weekend. We suggest planning way in advance if you choose this hot Brooklyn spot.  

How To Get There: Clark Stop 2 or 3 


4. East River Skate Park-

If you choose to stay in the Williamsburg area, you can skate from Bushwick Inlet Park to Grand Ferry Park, and finally stopping at East River Skate Park. The crowds for the fireworks will be much more chill and have more of the Brooklyn community feel rather than a large group of tourists (and no we could never hate on New York tourists 😃

How To Get There: 90 Kent Ave. Bedford Stop L OR just Skate  



What better way to spend a major holiday than in the comforts of your own home!! Not everyone is blessed #bless with a rooftop to chill on but if you do or know someone who does; throw a mini 4th of July rager! The Macy’s 4th of July fireworks will surely be seen from all parts of the city and avoiding the crowds by sitting in the comfort of your own home sounds pretty attractive to us.


Written By: Lauren Jackson 

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