Boy’s Trends for Spring

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we believe that you are never too young to channel your inner fashion senses. Clothes are used as a way to express yourself, no matter how old you are. We encourage everybody in our #BKFAM to immerse themselves in the latest fashion trends. Not only is it impressive to be on top of the latest trends before they hit the stores, but it is so important for everybody to express themselves through their clothing choices and styles. Stand out from the mainstream styles if you find them holding you back.


What to Look for in Boy’s Fashion


When choosing their everyday attire, young boys seem to mostly look for what they will feel most comfortable in. Jeans or khaki pants aren't usually their go to choices when they are able to pick out their own clothes for the school day. In their eyes, jeans are for special occasions like fancy dinners or school picture day and until then, they sit folded away in the back of their drawers, behind the sweatpants and athletic shorts.


Parents, we know that you want your child to look put together while still feeling comfortable at the same time. The constant bickering over your kid wearing the same pair of sweatpants for the fourth day in a row is getting to you. Don’t worry. We hear you and we are here to help make your morning routines a whole lot easier.


Our joggers will give your boy the comfort that they are looking for and the finished look that you want to give them. They are perfect for any occasion and will please both you and your child.


Boy’s Joggers


Joggers are a great choice of clothing to introduce in your son’s wardrobe. They are such a comfortable yet trendy option to help him conquer his long days. Plus, joggers will look both put together while still feeling like his pajamas from the night before because of their extremely comfortable material. Our joggers ensure no wasted time as well. By that we mean that it will no longer be necessary to have to bring a change of clothes for your child to change into before their playdates or extracurricular activities after school.


Kids! After a long day of school do you really want to have to first stop home to change your clothing before practice and risk being late? You may be used to having to pack a change of clothes so that you are comfortable while hitting the basketball courts with your friends but that will no longer be necessary. Our joggers won’t hold you back on the court or in the field. The comfort of these joggers will ensure that you hit all of the 3 pointers and score all of the goals that you aim for. Not only do we offer our knit joggers in a variety of colors to give you more of a casual look and help you move around freely, but we also offer our cotton twill joggers that you can rock to more formal events.

 Boy's Twill Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

Favorite Twill Boy’s Joggers

Our Twill joggers for boys come in a variety of shades:

  • Olive
  • Charcoal
  • Black
  • Khaki
  • Khaki Moto
  • Tobacco
  • Camo


Owning these joggers in just one color isn’t enough for your closet or your wardrobe. They’re a great piece to have in a variety of colors because they easily match a majority of clothing that you already have in your closet.

Kids Onyx Marl Fleece Jogger Pants

Keep him looking cool and stay comfortable all day long wherever he goes. These Boys Onyx Marl Fleece Jogger Pants provide unbeatable comfort and modern styles. When you wash this jogger to prevent from pilling we recommend turn it inside out. They feature an elastic waistband with drawstrings, ankle cuffs, open side pockets and true fit. 



Side Zip Twill Boy’s Joggers

These jogger pants offer a comfortable material and style, too, but go one step above our other joggers. On top of all of the great features that our other styles offer, these joggers also include a zipper on the side of the pants to make your outfit even more convenient. These joggers are a great choice to wear for whatever you have planned for the day because you are able to store so much in the deep pockets. These zippered pockets will be able to hold all of your belongings, including your phone or your key chain while you are biking around the neighborhood with friends, while you're walking from one class to the next, or even if you are being dragged along from store to store with your family on the weekends.


We suggest pairing any of our twill joggers with a button down or collared shirt. To complete this look try adding a pair of loafers for more casual events or laced up dress shoes for a more formal event. You can also pair these joggers with one of your favorite pairs of sneakers and a printed hoodie. To finish off this casual and trendy look, throw on your favorite cap or beanie, depending on the weather.

Core White Printed Space Dye Boy's Joggers by Brooklyn Cloth

Streaky Fit Jogger Pants

For a more comfortable and casual look check out both of our core white printed space dye joggers and our streaky fit jogger pants. Our streaky fit jogger pants come in various colors including black, white, and black marl. Both of these types of joggers have a unique look to them and are perfect for a more casual day and look. Both of these styles should be paired with solid-colored tops because of the eye-catching designs of the joggers.


We are also very excited to provide our BK fam with our new black and navy tie dye joggers. Tie dye has made a comeback as the hottest current trend and it is here to stay. While matching sets continue to be very popular, you can also wear these tie dye joggers with solid-colored t-shirts or a hoodie during the spring and summer nights as the temperatures begin to drop after the sun sets.


 Boy's Multicolor Tie Dye Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Boy’s Summer Shorts

When the weather gets too warm for joggers you can store them away until the temperatures start to drop again in the fall. In the meantime, try switching to our shorts collection.


Check out our various other short styles that we are offering here at Brooklyn Cloth. We offer tons of prints or solid-colored shorts that you can choose from. We aim to provide our #BKFAM with the trendiest and most comfortable pieces of clothing. Careful! All of your friends will borrow and “forget to return '' them to you because they won’t want to give them up.


A must have in this collection are our on-trend tie dye shorts. Our tie dye shorts are offered in various shades including multicolored, yellow, and blue to bring a little pop of color to your closet during the bright and sunny months. There’s nothing better than wearing bright colors in the summer to stand out on the beach or at the pool while soaking up the sun. We suggest pairing these colorful shorts with either a white or black tee or tank top so that the bright colors on the shorts don't clash with another pattern or print. Don’t forget to pair this look with one of our denim jackets for when it gets a little chillier later on at nighttime or in the beginning of fall.

 Boy's Cali Bear Print Camo shorts by Brooklyn cloth

These Cali Bear Print Camo shorts are offered in both black and olive camo prints. We suggest pairing them with a solid-colored top so that the print can stand out. To complete this fit, pair it with a pair of high-top converse and high socks.

 Boys Savage Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth

Savage Solid Colored Boy’s Shorts

We also offer our Savage shorts in a variety of colors including:

  • red
  • black
  • heather grey
  • camo

 Boy's Savage Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

These solid-colored shorts are printed with the boxed “savage” logo on the lower leg of the short. Pairing these shorts with our matching Savage hoodie or our Repeating Savage hoodie will make a great matching set to wear during the summer. You can also alternate between the shorts and the Savage joggers throughout the year depending on the month and the weather.


Repeat Savage Scoop Neck

Part of channeling your inner fashion sense involves keeping up with the latest trends, and yes, that involves reading a little and looking on social media to see what is being sold in stores and worn by icons. Of course, make sure to add you own touch. Putting a little spin on the trends will make your outfits personal.


A major trend that is popular right now is prints. Many fashion brands are big into animal prints, bandana prints, and various graphics. We love offering unique prints to our #BKFAM so that we provide them with a way to express themselves. The rise of pop art was introduced to clothing in the fifties and sixties. Of course, over time, the style has evolved but we have Andy Warhol to thank for that because of his pop art from which graphic printed clothing evolved.


Our Repeat Savage Scoop Neck is a great piece to help you expand your print collection in your wardrobe. This short sleeve t-shirt is offered in three different colors including red, white, and black. These tees are covered in the word “savage” in big bold letters. They each have a small decal on the front center of the shirt as well. Our Vibes Repeat tee shirt comes in a similar style to our Repeat Savage Scoop Neck. It is offered in soft colors including dusty blue, dusty rose, and white. “Vibes” in bold lettering covers the entirety of the shirt. This tee also has the same small decal of “vibes” on the front of the shirt making it very similar to our savage tee.


Splatter hoodies

Talk about being a trendsetter. Are you ready to be the first in your school to wear the new upcoming looks? Everybody is going to ask you where you got your clothes, and you’ll begin to notice more and more people wearing similar styles. The splatter paint design printed onto this hoodie gives a custom look. These hoodies can be worn all year round, not just during this spring season. They can be paired with various bottoms to create a handful of different looks for each season.

 Boy's Splatter Vibes Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

Our Drip Splatter Hoodie comes in both black and white with a colorful array of paint splattered all over it. The similar Vibes Splatter Hoodie is offered in black with the same array of colorful paint splattered all over it. The logos printed on the front of these hoodies differentiate them from one another. From the back, these hoodies look identical, but the colorful lettering printed on the front makes them slightly different. Splatter paint print has also been making a comeback and we want our #BKFAM to be on board and fully prepared for when this trend really begins to take off.



Good Vibes Gradient SS Tee

The summer season is all about good vibes. This three-month long break from school and homework should be spent at the beach splashing around in the waves and soaking up rays of sun! Our favorite part of summer break is always waking up super early, changing right into a bathing suit, packing a lunch and some snacks for the day, and heading straight to the pool or beach with family or friends.


The sun and the hot weather bring nothing, but good vibes and we want to try to express those happy feelings through our clothing. You can express your happiness this season through our Good Vibes Gradient Short sleeve tee. This tee will let everybody around you know how happy this weather makes you and will hopefully brighten passersby’s days. 


You can also express your gratitude for this beautiful weather and warmth by wearing our Let’s Change the World Long Sleeve Tee. When the sun goes down and you need something a bit warmer, change into this cool piece. The Let’s Change the World shirts don’t just have bright and positive slogans printed on them, but they will make the people around you smile and feel the positive energy. This print is also offered in a short sleeve style.



Vintage looks are coming back into style one by one, slowly but surely. When you go into the stores at the malls and the racks are full of stripes, denim, sweater vests, and Doc Marten knockoffs, you know that the 90’s are making a comeback. You may not be familiar with these trends, but your parents and older siblings definitely are. Trends during different decades always circle back around and vintage looks are definitely in right now. Some online clothing stores even have designated tabs for their vintage clothing.

 Boy's Striped Tee shirt by Brooklyn Cloth

Our stripe shirts fit the vintage trend. We offer our stripe t-shirts in various color schemes including pink, blue and white. All of these are designed with various colored stripes on top of a solid-colored shirt. Different colors are also graced with different words. These words complete the shirt and give them a bit of added positive energy and trendiness that the stripes were looking for.


These vibrant colored shirts can be paired with a pair of denim shorts or jeans or with a pair of our solid-colored twill shorts. Of course, during the summer we are often running around barefoot, but this fit would be complete with a pair of boat shoes or high-top converse if you wanted to go full force into this trend.

 Boy's Marble Hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth


We are also loving our new marble collection. As previously mentioned, this look is currently extremely popular and isn’t going anywhere soon. Marble is very in right now and that is why we want to introduce you to our marble line. We always appreciate a comfy hoodie with a trendy print to add to our hoodie collection. This marble hoodie design is offered in both black and white. The white hoodie with the black splatter has “savage” printed across the chest.


Matching Sets

Styles and trends are constantly changing and evolving throughout the years, but staple pieces are always on trend no matter the year or season. As you can see we love to offer our Brooklyn Cloth family with the latest trends, but we also enjoy offering you staple pieces that won’t go out of style anytime soon. We aim to provide our #BKFAM with their go to pieces no matter the season.


If you wanted to rock a matching set, we definitely have tons for you to choose from. Complete the marble set by pairing one of our marble printed hoodies with a pair of our marble joggers. These joggers are offered in both black and white just like the matching hoodies.


On top of the matching sets and prints, we believe that layering your clothing is definitely big in trends right now, especially with the weather fluctuates. One day we may be freezing and the next we would be warm enough with just a long sleeve tee so it is always a great idea to have a jacket handy. Try pairing any of our tops with a blue or black denim jacket or even a bomber jacket depending on the event and the time of the day.


Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are so excited to share all of our upcoming pieces with you and hope that they help you fully express yourself and your style choices. We invite you to try new prints, even if they seem to be a little out of your current comfort zone. It is important to experiment with different pieces because you may discover a new style you love!


We believe that our staple pieces are timeless so you will get extensive use out of them. No matter how you choose to express yourself, we are all here for it and will continue to encourage you to keep up with the latest trends and styles.  

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