Brooklyn Cloth x s'natra Collaboration

Brooklyn Cloth x s'natra Collaboration

As a adults we often reminisce about when we were kids. The freedom we had to do what we wanted, when we wanted. When you grow up it's all about the rise n grind hustle mode, you often find yourself taking selfies with a caption saying "my life be like..." Welcome to the adulthood fam, but don't you just miss the times of being a kid before worrying about so much as an adult? 

Well we at Brooklyn Cloth collaborated with an up and coming artist from New York. His name is s'natra and we wanted him to take the lead on creating some dope merch to share with the world. He just released a new album called "When we was kids." This phrase spoke to him, his fans and us so we just had to share the love of being kids with everyone else. 

The collection features two tee shirts and one pullover hoodie.

The hoodie is a solid black pullover designed in-house with an exclusive Brooklyn Cloth CC woven label. There is a phrase embroidered in the middle of the hoodie that says "I miss the s**t we did as kids." 

s'natra exclusive hoodie

The tee shirt in black mimics the hoodie but instead the embroidery is in white. This was designed in-house with an exclusive Brooklyn Cloth CC woven label.

We were kids tee shit

The tee shirt in white is like a throwback that you can wear. The front has s'natra's signature "S" embroidered on the left chest with a screen print of the old school kicks you would throw on telephone wires with the phrase "I miss the s**t we did as kids." 

 Limited Edition white tee shirt from Brooklyn Cloth

“Before we had to hustle. Before we ran outta time. We ain’t care about much. We did what we wanted. We still had fun. We was kids.“

This quote is all about the good times when we were young. No stress. No paycheck to worry about. Everything was an adventure. You always had time for family and your homies. No one could take that away from us. I’m tryna bring us back to that same place for a moment, when we was kids. - s'natra

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