Children's Museum of Art Street Fair

When the weather gets warmer who doesn't love a really good street fair with their kids! The Children's Museum of Art hosted a full day of fun with arts & crafts. The street fair was held on Sunday May 20th, all were welcomed plus there was no charge to attend the fair it was completely free. Brooklyn Cloth was asked to join the street fair as a vendor to sell the t-shirts and tote bags that were designed for them. We had adult tees, youth tees and toddler tees all had the same designs so if the whole family wanted to mix and match they could! 

Young boy drawing at Children Museum of Art Street Fair

A few of our team members worked the event, not only did we bring the merchandise to sell but we even designed a special banner for the day. The kids at the fair were able to come interact with us by drawing on the banner. We got to see so many talented kids and what they like to draw.


When it came to selling the CMA merchandise we already had a strategy in mind. For every item that we sold 100% of the proceeds were going back to the museum. We had a lot of fun at the fair plus making some art of our own!  

Children Museum of Art Street Fair


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