Choosing the Right Men's Swim Trunks for You

Choosing the Right Men's Swim Trunks for You

Choosing the Right Men's Swim Trunks for You


Whether you're just reaching summer or live in a warm climate year-round, It’s always a good idea to find your perfect pair of swim trunks. Like any other article of clothing, Shorts look the best when they fit you just right. When it comes to swim wear, it can be even more challenging to find ones that are flattering yet comfortable. With so many activities that the heat can bring, you shouldn't have to worry about being uncomfortable. We know our #bkfam is styling year round and the summer time is no exception.


While swim trunks are designed for water activities, who's to say that you can’t wear them with elements in your closet to provide a stylish outfit? We know that oftentimes activities can be surrounded by other events, so it’s essential to have swim trunks that can transition into a normal outfit as well. As GQ states, “these days, the very best men's swim trunks are designed to double as the very best shorts, period.” By providing classic fits, our swim shorts can be styled multiple ways to adhere to wherever the day may take you! 

Origins of Swim Trunks

Brookly clith swimwear  

In many different cultures around the world, it was a shared practice prior to traditional swimwear being invented for swimmers to swim fully nude or down to their undergarments. Early adaptations of swimwear were made of wool which was not the most practical when performing water activities.These garments were used around the 19th century as swimming was not as popular leisure activity as it is now.If one were to be a swimmer during this time it was most likely they were involved in some sort of sport or activity such as synch-chronize swimming. This was mostly to conform to Often times swimming was discouraged altogether as it was deemed as an immoral thing to do.


How swimwear became popular

Swimwear has changed significantly within the past century as trends and laws have changed regarding the apparel that can be worn in public. To think in the early 1900’s men weren't allowed to bathe even topless. As time went on like many things in history change was brought by the youth wanting to protest previous ideals.

Swimwear was seen as a modest garment and second as something that was practical in comparison to now the consumer's need is almost completely about style and comfort. Once given a bit more freedom of expression styles such started evolving from the 60’s to current day.

The time of experiment also went hand in hand with the creation of new synthetic clothing fabrics such as nylon. Given the technology of fast drying fabrics designers were able to utilize new silhouettes that were not only more flattening but provide more practicality. This was when swimming for leisure became the norm in society.

Choosing the right style for you

Today there are a variety of styles for different needs with styles such as trunks, speedos, wetsuits, and Board shorts are some of the most popular styles.

Speedos and wetsuits are being used more for sports based activities that many athletes choose to use to fully enhance their performance. Board shorts are popular amongst surfers as they provide a protection among your knees and thighs but are also used for fashion purposes as well. All of these alike are more popular among a certain consumer based on their practical use of the garment.

Trunks are the most popular choice amongst a wide array of consumers as they are deemed quite flattering on most body types. Coming in a variety of different colors and patterns as well as different inseams for different silhouettes. He’re at Brooklyn cloth we strive to find the perfect fit for everybody, and much like our joggers our swim trunks are designed to have a perfect fit. A 7” Inseam provides a clean look that hits right above the knee and keeps a slim tailored look with adjustable waistbands swim trunks are perfect for any occasion.Each pair are made from a selected fabric that is quick-drying and lightweight, but also durable and resistant to fading to ensure the highest quality. This versatile wardrobe staple provides the consumer with their practical and fashion needs.


How to style Swim Trunks

Swim trunks are not only just for swimming and designers and consumers are well aware of how today's consumers want to get the most function out of their purchases. Whether you're running around doing errands or going in for a dip in the pool your shorts should function in whatever scenario. Our variation of styles allows you to have the choice of building an outfit from simple to elevated. You can pair any of our space dye tees as a great basic to start with and by pairing the Lavender Tie Dye Swim Shorts 7” Swim Shorts you can be ready to take on the heat while staying cool.

How to Style Swim trunks for everyday wear

The fit and fabric of our swim trunks are selected to blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. Given that our shorts are at a perfect length above the knees they can double as a regular short. This can be done without looking like a garment clearly intended for swimming by elevating it with other pieces in your wardrobe. A perfect example is the Red Bandana Mix Print 7” Short as it has streetwear influences as paisley bandana has been a huge trend in the most recent years. Paired with a crisp pair of sneakers and if you're a bold kind of guy the matching Red bandana mix print shirt is the perfect way to elevate your swimwear. An effortless style hack is using sets as they are essentially the foundation of the outfit. All you have to do is accessorize and you're looking fly without breaking a sweat.

Shoes to pair for different occasions.

We know when rocking a swimsuit the last thing you may be thinking of is what shoes to wear, however the choice of flips versus sneakers can really decide the vibe that your outfit will give off. When outings like the beach elevate your typical look by swapping flip flops for a pair of adidas slides or birkenstock arizona sandals. This choice can make your look a bit more elevated and generate the perception of putting more thought into your styling choices.

A great pair of sneakers and high socks can transition the shorts from beachwear to streetwear with just the small shift. If you're someone who can be out all day and need something to transition from day to night in the summer our swim trunks would be the perfect fit.

Style tips and advice on how to complete a beach-ready look.

  • Find a swimsuit that you feel confident in that compliments your body type and style.
  • A nice lightwear tee or tank can compliment your swimsuit well.
  • Add some accessories: Sunglasses, hats, and beach bags can be used to add some extra style and protect from the sun.
  • Footwear: Rainbow brand Flip Flops, Sandals, or even crocs which can be great for showing off your unique style with their wide selection of jibbitz.
  • Sun protection: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.
  • Most importantly it’s important to enjoy the nice weather and the environment of being outside by the body of water can be a great stress reliever!

How to take care of your swimwear

Given that these types of garments are intended to go through performance based activities they can get run down. These garments face pool chemicals, Sweat, Sunscreen, Salt, and Sand for example which can be very harsh. To ensure the longest possible lifespan for your swimwear take these tips into consideration.

  • Rinse after swimming with water to avoid the dyes in the fabric from bleeding.
  • Avoid hot tubs for long extended periods of time as the heat can stretch the fabric as well as fade.
  • Wash promptly with a mild detergent. We recommend hand washing, but machine washing is fine as long as you're following the directions on the care label.
  • Air Dry is ideal to keep the shape and feel of the fabric the same.
  • Rotation in between swimsuits as constant use is bound to hinder the lifespan of the swimsuits.


Finding what works for you

Like most articles of clothing, swimwear is one of those things that has to be just right for a person to feel confident. There's so many factors such as shape, color, pattern, and style that determine how swim trunks are going to cater to a specific person's needs. Whichever swimming activity you'll be performing plays a huge factor as not all swimsuits are created equal. Each different category has a specific purpose whether it be for fashion or performance.

We want to give you fashion forward options for your swimwear needs as well as versatile wardrobe pieces. By providing options between simple to bold graphics we want to cater to everyone and give options to mix and match. No matter the occasion you should feel good in how you put yourself together and have the confidence to take on any adventure!

We hope that our advice can help you going forward when shopping for swimwear and how you can find one that fits your own personal needs. Make sure to stay cool this summer and stylish with our wide array of different prints and patterns. We can't wait to see you rocking our merch. Send us your looks on instagram by tagging us @brooklyncloth and adding #BKCLFam to your post!



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