Goner X Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Goner X Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Artist GONER has teamed up with Brooklyn Cloth to produce merchandise that links music to important situations that people go through in their every day lives.

Originally from Long Island, NY. A young visionary sets grounds determined to create history along the path of instrumenting his art to influence his and the lives he will touch. Evan Miller, (aka GONER) a self proficient artist, used his knowledge and resources to steer the minds of youth to shed light on important subjects such as mental health, acceptance, and dealing with personal demons through creating music. 


So where did the name Goner come from? Goner explains the meaning behind his name and how it drove the inspiration for the tees,

"I think the inspiration for the design is very Minimal yet grabbing, exactly what I feel represents "GONER" as a whole. Taking something that might go unnoticed or normal to majority of people and putting it on its own pedestal. The sword is something that I have tattooed on my chest and partially on my neck, and that will be there forever. It can have its meaning to everyone, it can be just a sword or a knife, or it could represent something that plays a bigger role in your life. Sometimes things cut deep."

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