Governor’s Ball Music Festival 2018 Recap

Governor’s Ball Music Festival 2018 Recap

Governor’s Ball Music Festival 2018 with @escaperealife

This weekend I had the opportunity to hop off the busy island of Manhattan and head to Randall’s Island for the Governor’s Ball Music Festival all thanks to the team over at Brooklyn Cloth. This iconic weekend festival drew huge crowds from all over and it did not disappoint. The weather called for overcast with chance of thunderstorms but the good vibes radiating from the festival crowds allowed for bright sunny skies. I brought my best friend Maddy along with me to rep Brooklyn Cloth and we let the adventures begin from there. I captured it all on 35mm film. 

Brooklyn Cloth at Govenors Ball 2018

We first met up with our good friend Zoe to watch Lany perform on the main stage. This energetic band was the perfect start to the day. We then headed over to the Honda Stage for Two Chains. After being in the heat of the crowd, we decided to take a break with our friend Julia in between sets to get some pictures and check out the various art installations through the festival. Some of the best photo opportunities were lurking all around the festival just waiting to be taken with best friends. 

Govenors Ball babes

Then we headed back to the main stage to see one of my favorite artists, Halsey perform. Four years ago on that date, Halsey attended the festival as a fan and now she was one of the headliners. This was a big encouraging word to me as she spoke so much about following your dreams and pursuing your passions. As usual, Halsey drew big crowds of people and this ended up being one of my favorite sets.

Babes of Govenors Ball

As the sun went down and Halsey wrapped up her set, we decided we needed a break. Being in the sun all day and the huge crowds of people calls for a food and drink break. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest necessities for any festival. There were tons of different food and drink vendors so we got some snacks and then laid out on the grass in the shade in between sets. Being on your feet all day is exhausting and we needed a quick break.

Dancing at Governors Ball

We quickly got up after to go see Galantis who was up next and we had to go and push our way to the front as we ran from one side of the festival to the other. I have seen Galantis many times before and each time gets better and better. Maddy got on my shoulders and we danced as the sun went down.

After, we turned around and went to the other side to the American Eagle stage to see Russ perform one of his best sets yet. The crowd was alive and jumping while screaming the words to each song, so much so that he even came back for an encore after we got his attention by chanting his name as he walked off stage for what was supposed to be his final song.

Night time at Govenors Ball

And finally, we ended the night with a set I have been waiting years to see by Travis Scott. The weather took another turn and decided to downpour halfway through yet that didn't stop us. The crowd danced all night long even though we left soaking wet. That was my favorite part of the whole day. 

Kevin representing Brooklyn Cloth at Govenor's Ball

Thanks again to the amazing team over at Brooklyn Cloth for letting me have this amazing experience. I had a great time representing one of my favorite brands and the looks were perfect for any festival, rain or shine.


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