How to Rock a Denim Jacket this Fall

How to Rock a  Denim Jacket this Fall

The denim jacket is one of the most loved, most versatile, and most consistently stylish pieces you can own. If you don’t have one yet, what are you waiting for? Denim jackets are certainly not going anywhere, so if you’re intimidated by pulling off the look, let us help! There are tons of ways to wear denim, so don’t be afraid to make it your own. Check out our favorite fall outfits featuring different denim jacket styles.


The Basics of Styling a Denim Jacket


Styling a denim jacket is super easy, and while different cuts and colors pair best with particular looks, there are some basic guidelines to follow.

1. First things first, don’t button it. Denim jackets are a casual piece, and when they’re buttoned from top to bottom, it inhibits the jacket’s movement. This is true for the body of the jacket, along with the sleeves. For the most part, you want to wear a denim jacket open and try the sleeves unbuttoned and rolled for a casual, comfortable style.

Rolling the cuffs of the sleeve one time makes a massive difference to the look of your outfit. Play around with long-sleeved shirts or sweaters layered under the denim. The peak of the shirt at the arms, or even folding the cuffs over together gives a stylish, cohesive effect.


2.  French tuck the shirt underneath. If you choose to style a denim jacket over a loose-fitting tee, do your figure a favor by “french tucking” the shirt. A french tuck is simply tucking the front part of your shirt into your pants. Doing the french tuck makes your outfit look like you put a little more thought into it.


3. How to Rock Denim on Denim. One of the biggest concerns about wearing a denim jacket is avoiding wearing denim on denim. Some thought needs to go into pulling off this look, as it is trickier than other style options. To avoid the “denim tuxedo look,” choose very contrasting denim washes. For example, choose a light wash denim jacket and paired with very dark or black jeans.

Alternatively, if you’re not afraid to be called “Denim Dan,” pair your jacket with the same wash jeans, and rock the look. The key here is matchy-matchy denim and subtle pieces to complete it such as a plain white or black tee and plain white sneakers. 


The Dark Washed Denim Jacket



Dark washed denim jackets are a versatile piece, safe for styling denim on denim look without a worry. Black and dark washed jean jackets look great styled with:


  • Light washed denim pants - avoid the denim on denim look and still wear your go-to pants.
  • Chinos in any color - the comfortable yet slightly dressier solution.
  • A white tee shirt - the contrast of a crisp white tee under a dark washed denim jacket is classic.
  • A flannel or button-up - you can dress up your look quite a bit by putting a button-up underneath.


The Light Washed Denim Jacket


Light washed denim jackets are by far the most popular style. Only the light wash gives you the vintage, cool guy feel. Style your lighter washed jacket with:


  • Dark washed or black jeans - again, this combination allows you to wear denim on denim without looking like Justin Timberlake in the early 2000s.
  • Chinos or trousers in darker, more bold colors like cognac, mustard, or navy - this gives your look some major style.
  • A hoodie - size up in your denim jacket so you can wear a hoodie underneath to keep you warm in the cold months.


As you can see, there are so many ways to make a denim jacket your own. All of these looks and all the looks you can imagine can transform simply switching your shoes and accessories.


You can always dress down your denim jacket too, and still look put together with a pair of nice fitting joggers or sweats, and a clean pair of sneakers.


The Embellished Denim Jacket

Embellished denim jackets are a statement piece instead of a classic wardrobe staple. When you rock your embellished denim jacket, pair it with more toned down pieces, like neutral pants and a white or black tee.


Fool-Proof Pieces to Wear with Denim Jackets


Brooklyn Cloth has a wide selection of denim jackets for you to browse and choose the one that fits you best. We also stock several wardrobe staples that, when paired with a denim jacket- or anything for that matter- will make sure you’re looking fresh and styled.



Tobacco Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants - As comfortable as jeans, but slightly more stylish and dressy. These tobacco-colored twill joggers are a stylish piece to pair with any wash denim jacket safely.



Black and White Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants - Look laid back and comfortable with the feel of sweatpants, but stylish with all the structure of the twill jogger pants. These sweats will keep you super warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.



Dusty Rose Drip Hoodie - This hoodie has a great texture to give your outfit a pop underneath your favorite denim jacket of any wash. It’s loose but not oversized, so it will fit nicely as a layer. 

Denim jackets are a well-loved, super-versatile item that everyone should have in their closet. Now it’s just a matter of which style you try first.


At Brooklyn Cloth, on-trend apparel is the name of the game, and sustainability is how we play. We offer the most stylish pieces that allow you to express yourself like no other, and we use recycled yarn, fabric, and polyester to create them. Any scraps we create are donated to ensure we reduce our waste as much as possible.


We carry a broad line of men’s clothing, and we also have a boy’s line and a women’s line. Find us on social media, and consider applying to be a brand ambassador with us. How do you wear your denim?

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