How to Stay Warm this Winter: Cozy Styles Under $25 from Brooklyn Cloth

How to Stay Warm this Winter: Cozy Styles Under $25 from Brooklyn Cloth

How to Stay Warm this Winter: Cozy Styles Under $25 from Brooklyn Cloth

 As the temperatures drop and the cold winter chill approaches, the East Coast is gearing up for a chillier season than usual. We know that the past couple of winters in New York City, we have all been missing the snow but this coming 2024, expect it to be cold.

 Meteorologists predict a winter with below-average temperatures, making it important to have warm clothing you love. At Brooklyn Cloth, we’re here to help with the importance of staying cozy, comfy, and warm without breaking the bank. That's why we're sharing a selection of men’s winter essentials that are updated, all under $25, to help you brave the cold in style. Let's check out why this winter is expected to be colder in New York City and how you can stay warm while looking chill with our budget-friendly options.


Why It's Going to be a Colder Winter on the East Coast


Several factors contribute to the forecast of a colder and snowy winter on the East Coast. One significant key is the La Niña weather pattern. La Niña occurs when sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean are below normal. This phenomenon typically leads to cooler-than-average temperatures in the northeast part of the United States, including the New York City. Additionally, the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), a climate pattern that influences winter weather in the East Coast region, is expected to be in a phase that brings in colder temperatures.


As the winter chill sets in, we still need to take the subway, walk the streets and get to work or school. It's essential to prepare your fit for the colder and wetter days ahead. Brooklyn Cloth offers affordable, comfy, and on-trend options to keep you warm without making you look like a snowman.


Cozy & Warm Styles Under $25 and Outfit Suggestions


  1. Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants & Hoodie


Embrace the tie-dye trend and head into  the winter chill with our Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants . We love Polar fleece because it’s super warm without being bulky. The tie-dye pattern gives off an outdoor vibe.


Styling tips: Pair them with a Carhart beanie (because we all have one) and classic LL Bean snow boots for a laid-back and cozy winter look. Add a thrifted down or puffer vest to complete the look. The tie-dye pattern will add a pop of color on the background of white snow.


  1. Red Plaid Cozy Pullover


Stay on-trend with our Red Plaid Cozy Pullover . Red Plaid or Buffalo Plaid is not just for the holiday season. This winter classic has been updated to be a relaxed fit and is perfect for layering.


Styling tips: Combine it with a beanie, thrifted Japanese Selvedge dark denim jeans, and sturdy snow boots or Doc Martins for a stylish and practical fit that's ready for whatever winter throws your way. We love to add a little layer with a vintage leather motorcycle jacket which can take the look from day to night.


  1. White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Sweatpants & Hoodie


For a timeless and versatile look, opt for our White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Sweatpants and Hoodie . We love the print of Yarn Dye because it’s looks fancy enough to wear to the office or family gatherings, but also comfy enough to wear at home.


Styling tips: These pieces can be effortlessly paired with a neutral-baseball hat and thrifted Navy peacoat. We love going to the Army Navy Surplus store for cool finds. If you aren’t the matching head-to-toe kind of vibe, then wear the hoodie with some insulated nylon pants, add your favorite New Balance sneakers and heavy denim jacket. For the pants, add a clean white turtleneck, a vintage brown leather jacket and navy chinos. The key is the options that these two styles will give it all for under $25 each.


  1. Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants


Dad sweatpants were trending and now has become part of everyone’s closet, and our Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants  offer a modern twist on this nostalgic trend. With colors from Dusty Rose or Grey, there’s a vibe for every style.


Styling tips: When wearing prints or pattern such as tie dye on the bottom, we love pairing it with a more basic top, such as our Original Hoodie or thrifted Chambray shirt. Add a puffer jacket, a solid scarf and shared and your look is complete. Wear them with hiking boots and your Patagonia Jacket to give you that “outdoor vibe” while walking the cold city streets.


  1. Dusty Rose Color-Blocked Hoodie


Add a touch of romance to your winter blues wardrobe with our Dusty Rose Color-Blocked Hoodie  . Because the hoodie is color block, you can have fun with prints and patterns.


Styling tips: Wear it with thrifted black jeans (we snagged a vintage Levi’s), a snug beanie, and beat up yet so comfy thrifted snow or rain boots for a chic and cozy winter fit. We’ve paired our hoodie with a warm flannel shirt and simple dark sweatpants. But we’ve also layered it with Canvas Vest and dark thick wale cords and old school Birkenstocks and warm socks. No matter the vibe, the color-blocked design will make you stand out in the winter crowd.


Stay ahead of the chill and snow with Brooklyn Cloth's budget-friendly winter styles for guys. Our collection under $25 ensures that you can stay warm and face the colder East Coast winter with confidence. We also recommend investing in some good layering pieces that are lightweight and breathable. Now’s the time to prepare your wardrobe for a season filled with style and comfort. Shop our men’s winter essentials hoodies, sweatpants, and fleece sets, and make the most of this chilly time of the year while looking on




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