It’s Never Too Early to Think About The Holidays: 2021 Best Gifts for Guys

Many people believe that men are easier to shop for than women but that isn't necessarily true. Women can be easily pleased with a candle, a piece of jewelry, or food; but men can sometimes be extremely picky.

It’s Never Too Early to Think About The Holidays: 2021 Best Gifts for Guys

We know that the holidays aren't for a couple of months but if the next few months go by as quickly as the last few, the season will be here before we know it! Holiday shopping can be tricky, so we are urging you to get a head start on planning your holiday gifts for the guys in your life.


Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, production and shipping may be backed up for certain items. Therefore, it is projected that holiday shopping will take place a little earlier than expected this year because the demand for goods has increased and many items are more limited.


Do Your Holiday Shopping Early This Year

With that being said, even though it is early, we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on getting everything that you want to purchase for your loved ones. The worst is when you are shopping around frantically a couple days before the holiday and everything is sold out in the stores and it’s too late to ship.


Quality Men’s Clothing for Every Season



Men's clothing by Brooklyn Cloth


We here at Brooklyn Cloth have an extremely large variety of pieces for you to gift your favorite men with. From joggers to sherpa sweaters, we offer quality clothing that will make sure the guys in your life will be fully covered for all weather during every season of the year.


We know that it will most likely be cold when they receive these holiday gifts but that is what's great about our clothing here at Brooklyn Cloth. Our items are extremely versatile, so even if you give a tank top to your brother for the holidays, he can layer it with one of our hoodies and pair it with a pair of joggers for the winter months. If you are sending this gift to somebody who is in a warmer climate during the holiday season, you can ship them a sherpa and pair of our comfy shorts for them to get a the best of both warm and cool weather clothing pieces.


Our Favorite Men’s Clothing Pieces for Holiday Gifting
  • Hoodies

  • Sweatpants

  • Joggers

  • Sherpa Jackets

  • Shorts


Hoodies to Keep Your Man Cozy



Men's hoodies by Brooklyn Cloth


Imagine your loved ones opening up their presents on a snowy winter day. They unwrap a box and their face lights up to find it filled with comfy, stylish hoodies! I know we here at Brooklyn Cloth would be ecstatic to receive a bunch of hoodies this holiday season. Hoodies are staple pieces in a guy’s winter wardrobe.


Hoodies can be worn with jeans or joggers to create a streetwear vibe. Or try throwing a hoodie on with a vest for a perfect fall look. If they are going for the comfy vibe, they should definitely pair their hoodies with joggers or sweatpants to achieve ultimate comfort. Whether it is a matching set or they decide to mix and match sets for the day, we are here for all of it at Brooklyn Cloth. Add a pair of warm and fluffy slippers to this gift and watch your loved ones cozy up with a huge mug of hot cocoa in all their new apparel.


Some of our favorite hoodies include:


Dusty Rose Color Blocked Hoodie

Camo Nature Tech Hoodie

White Peace Rose Hoodie

Multicolor Tie-Dye Hoodie


Sweatpants are a Must for Every Guy



Men's matching sets by Brooklyn Cloth


You can't give a hoodie without a pair of matching sweats if you want your loved ones to rock a matching set. Sweatpants are such a vital part of everyday wear for, well, everyone. We have so many pairs of sweats for you to give to the guys in your life.


Some of our favorite sweats include our new 2.0 sweatpants. These sweatpants come in so many different colors that you can choose from to best suit your favorite guys! These colors include camel, red, French navy, dark cherry, olive, tobacco, burnt orange, forest green, hunter green, sand, soft moss, and mustard. These sweats are a perfect gift to give because they are so simple yet colorful. They also go well with any top, from hoodies and graphic tees to layered tops with jean jackets, and more.


If you’re looking to gift your men with a more trendy option, rather than our simple 2.0 sweatpants, we have options for you. We carry all different styles and patterns for you to choose from. From tie-dyes to smileys to graphic prints and marble patterns, we have the perfect pair for everybody.


Some of our favorite sweatpants styles include:


Black Tie-Dye Open Your Mind Sweatpants

White Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants

Sand Marble Sweatpants

Heather Grey Graffiti Smiley Sweatpants


There are so many fun ways to style these sweatpants in a trendier way than just you would for just lounging around in your house. You can give these sweats as a gift along with some ideas and tips on how your special guys can rock them.


If they want to create a more formal outfit incorporating these sweats, they can feel free to throw them on with a T-shirt layered with a denim or corduroy jacket. They can pair this outfit with a cool pair of sneakers or chunky boots during the cooler months.


Joggers: A Brooklyn Cloth Fan Favorite


Men's joggers by Brooklyn Cloth



Joggers are our best sellers here at Brooklyn Cloth, so why not share them with all of the favorite guys in your life. We offer two different styles of joggers: twill and knit.


Twill Joggers


Our twill joggers can be worn to more formal events and during occasions when you want to dress to impress. Of course, you can throw on a pair of our twill joggers with a hoodie, but you can also dress them up. We recommend throwing on these joggers with a trendy sweater or coat during the cooler months. They are a great style that can be worn while wanting to look trendy and put together while also remaining comfortable.


Some of our favorite twill jogger styles include:


- Black RipStop Jogger Pants with Bungees

- Camo Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Cargo Jogger

- Black Stretch Ripstop Double Knee Jogger

- Black Elevation Hit Twill Cargo Jogger


All of these styles are unique in their own ways. From different pocket sizes to zippers to texture of the material. We recommend you look into the design of each of these styles and choose the best fit for your loved ones.


Knit Joggers


You also can’t go wrong shopping for knit joggers for your guy. These joggers have more of a relaxed feel and are perfect for lounging around. These joggers come in a variety of different styles and colors, including graphics and prints, so your loved one’s closet will be fully stocked with a variety of joggers for every occasion. Some of these knit joggers also have matching hoodies for you to create matching outfits with.


Some of our favorite pairs of knit joggers include:


- Thank You For Nothing Streaky Print Fleece Jogger Pants

- Black Elemental Jogger

- Red Drip Marble Box Jogger Pants

- Putty Legend Worldwide Joggers


All of these knit joggers include trendy unique designs that you definitely need to share with your best dudes. One of our popular pair of jogger's name may be “Thank You For Nothing” but whoever you gift these joggers to will definitely be thanking you for introducing them to these trendy joggers!


Sherpa Jackets


Sherpa! You need to give your families some sort of sherpa this holiday season. We offer so many different sherpa styles for you to choose from, including denim jackets with a sherpa lining that will definitely keep them warm this winter. Your best guys can wear this jacket in so many different ways. They can layer it with a hoodie or a graphic tee, dress it up with a pair of twill joggers, or keep it relaxed with a pair of knit joggers. For the even cooler days, guys can switch over from a denim jacket to our corduroy jacket lined with sherpa. Our corduroy jacket comes in a variety of colors that they can wear throughout fall, winter, and spring, making sure your loved ones will definitely get use out of this perfect jacket.


Our Original Garment Sherpa Zip Up Jackets come in navy, ivory, cheetah, and camo. These jackets are a staple piece that need to be in everybody's wardrobe. They are available in a variety of shades and prints so you can either give a simple solid color jacket or you can go for the flashier look and with the cheetah or camo prints. These sherpa zip up jackets can be worn in both formal and casual ways. They can be worn with both our twill and knit joggers depending on what direction you want to go on with this outfit!




Of course, you will be giving these gifts during the holiday season, but we need shorts all throughout the year. Whether it is to wear them while just lounging around the house on the weekends or to the gym to work out in, shorts are always a great gift to receive. We have such a variety of shorts that you can choose from to give to the men in your family this holiday season.


Some of our favorite shorts for gifting include:


- Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts

- White Printed Space Dye Slant Zipper Pocket Shorts

- Black Zip Pocket Knit Shorts

- Dusty Rose Heat Seal Zip Pocket Shorts


Thanks to their simplicity, these shorts can be worn with basically any top. They can be paired with hoodies, jackets, graphic tees, or long-sleeve shirts. Guys can also layer their tops because they may want to wear these shorts on a warmer day in the winter while just running errands. They may want to wear one of our graphic tees under a jean jacket. They can finish off this look with a pair of their favorite sneakers depending on where they decide to rock this shorts outfit.


Treat Your Favorite Guys to Comfort and Style for the Holidays


Men's clothing by Brooklyn Cloth



We hope that this guide to holiday shopping for the men in your life has sparked some ideas on what you want to get for them this upcoming holiday season. We know that it is still a few months away, but we wanted to give you some ideas for the perfect gifts that we know they will love and appreciate.


The last thing we want is for you to wait until the last minute and not be able to get the perfect gifts in time for the holidays. We recommend paying attention to what clothes these guys are missing in their winter wardrobe so that you can get whatever they need to complete it as a gift.


It is important that their closest are fully stocked with all the essentials that will keep them warm during the holiday season. It is also important for them to have clothes like we have previously mentioned because all of those pieces are extremely versatile. Versatility is important, especially when you live in a place where the weather is constantly changing. These pieces can be worn all year if paired with the right pieces.


We wish you the best of luck with all of your holiday shopping and we can’t wait to see the men in your lives rocking all of our favorite pieces! We know that they will love styling these pieces as much as we do. It's never too early to start thinking about the amazing gifts you want to give to your family and friends! Happy early holiday shopping #BKFAM!

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