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As warmer weather approaches, you may find yourself daydreaming of vacation where you’re able to relax by the beach or pool with no worries in the world. Well, when that dream becomes a reality, it is important that you look the part! We’re here to teach you the basics about men’s resort wear and how to wear it.


What is Resort Wear?


Basically, resort wear is a clothing guideline for vacations, often to a warm-weather destination. There are two different categories when it comes to resort wear (aka cruise wear):

  • Resort casual
  • Resort evening wear


Resort casual refers to day time dressing. Think about clothes you would choose for a Sunday brunch or fancy picnic in the park. It is a time to be relaxed yet look stylish at the same time. Depending on how fancy the resort is, there might be different expectations for how nicely you dress; but you know what they say, “it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.”


When it comes to resort evening wear, you want to take your outfit to a more elevated level. If you are familiar with country club dressing, you should have no issue with the concept of resort wear. In the evening, if you are dining at one of those fancy restaurants, it is important to pack nice pants and closed toe shoes.


History of Resort Wear


Celebrities and influencers started the trend of resort wear while showing off their lavish vacations and lifestyles. It quickly became a huge part of designers’ collections and a staple as the season rolled around. It’s a fashion symbol, signifying living your best and most luxurious life.


As more and more designers came out with resort wear collections, the idea became more mainstream and affordable, ultimately making resort wear a must-have for any vacation goers. That’s why we are excited to show you the awesome pieces we have for you that will ensure you have a perfect vacation.


Resort Wear by Activity

  • Cruise Resort Wear
  • Beach Resort Wear
  • Resort Evening Wear


Whether you're having lunch by the golf course or lounging by the pool, there are many options for the perfect resort wardrobe. Depending on the type of vacation you go on your options may change a little, but that’s nothing we won’t be able to help you with.


Cruise wear involves more layers for those breezy nights at sea, whereas for a beach resort it is best to focus more on swim attire and coverups. Of course, if you are lucky enough to go on multiple vacations within the year, many pieces can cross over.


Some of you may not be interested in buying a whole new set of evening wear for your already expensive vacation, which is why the #bkfam is excited to tell you we’ve got you covered. Did you know that you can take the casual clothes you may already have and dress them up for the night? We aren’t saying you won’t have to buy anything at all, but we definitely have mastered transitional pieces and we want you to benefit from it as well.


Hopefully by now you have a general idea of resort wear and are ready for style tips and tricks. You’ll be the hottest one on vacation. Be ready to make your friends jealous!


Cruise Resort Wear


When cruising around the world, it is important to be prepared for various temperatures. During the day it might be super hot as the sun is shining but when night falls it can become quite chilly at sea. That’s why layering pieces are great options and keeping the fabrics lightweight will allow more room in your suitcase!


Our Men’s Printed Space Dye Short Sleeve Crew is the perfect staple for layering. It is simple with a little bit of texture, adding some edge to your daytime cruise look. During the day you can wear it on its own and add a cool jacket or sweater for night. The lightweight material will ensure you don’t overheat while taking in the sun. The simplicity allows for easy styling options.


Style with:

Hibiscus Floral Woven Shirt


If you are looking for a more basic cruise shirt while also adding pops of color to your wardrobe, then our Hibiscus Floral Woven Shirt is a must. This style is iconic for a tropical vacation. Giving off Hawaiian vibes, we recommend sticking with this shirt for daytime.


You’ll definitely scream ready for vacay while wearing this and attract lots of attention. You’ll probably get a lot of compliments, too! Since there’s already so much going on up top, it’s best to keep it simple on the bottom.


Style with:

  • Neutral Twill Shorts
  • Slides
  • Your favorite sunglasses
  • Make it a set with our Hibiscus Floral Swim Short


When it comes to shorts, our Twill Shorts are great options for your cruise resort wear. The lightweight material is perfect for a day full of activities and fun.


Brooklyn cloth specializes in dope graphics, so instead of having a boring and plain pair of shorts, we’ve spiced things up a little. The twill shorts come in a variety of options including Saints Sinner Twill Shorts, Faded Twill Shorts, Open Your Eyes Twill Shorts, Collegiate Twill Short, and Culture World Wide Twill Short. So many options, you might just need them all!


Style with:


  • A lightweight tee
  • Your favorite sneakers
  • A baseball cap


Beach Resort Wear


For all those heading to the beach for vacation, the #bkfam is jealous! We know you’re planning on hopping in the sea or tanning in the sun, so unless you are planning on skinny dipping, you’re going to need a pair of swim trunks.


 Dusty Blue Vertical Stripe Swim Trunks by Brooklyn Cloth


In order to achieve a more sophisticated swimwear look, we think our Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts will do just the trick. While making your way to the beach, make sure you wear a basic tee to complement the shorts, but once you are ready to dive into the sea, these swim shorts will look great on their own. Once dried off, they even look great with a tee for when you go to grab a nice lunch.


If you are in a super tropical mood, then we suggest adding our Hibiscus Floral Swim Short to your collection. While sipping a pina colada with your shades on, you will definitely fit the scene. These swim trunks come in orange and blue, so a simple tee will look best while making your way from the room to fun. Pairing the swim shorts with your favorite pair of slides and sunglasses will create a trendy, fun, and relaxed look. Be prepared for compliments on your perfect beach bound outfit.


Are you not looking for sophistication or the stereotypical tropical vibe? Are you looking for a unique edge to upgrade your swim game? Then you must try out the True Graffiti Swim Shorts! Usually, swim trunks are boring with solid colors or basic patterns, but these definitely do not fall into that category.


Style with:


  • A simple tee
  • A pair of slides or sneakers
  • Your favorite sunglasses


None of these styles grabbing your attention? We have lots more fun options that will look dope on your beach vacation:


 Watercolor Palms Swim Trunks by Brooklyn Cloth



Resort Evening Wear


Most times, resort evening wear involves looking presentable and following the dress codes for restaurants or events on the resort. For men, it is likely that the requirements are long pants and a nice shirt, but not always. As we mentioned earlier, it is easy to dress up or down certain pieces, so let’s take a look at how you can turn your everyday clothes into resort evening wear.


If the dress code does not require long pants or there is simply no dress code at all, then our Black Kanji Emb Cargo Shorts are perfect. The simple and chic design makes for a great staple in your resort evening wear collection.


You can easily throw on a button-down shirt or Polo to complete your evening look. Sticking with neutral colors will help make your outfit look fancier for the night to come. Complete the look with a nice pair of sneakers. Make sure they aren’t your typical streetwear sneakers - they must be clean and polished. On top of looking really nice, you’ll still feel super comfortable!


Comes in 5 other colors:


  • Dark Teal
  • Khaki
  • Mustard
  • Olive
  • Tobacco


Another classy option for your vacation evenings is a lightweight blazer and linen pants. Resort evening wear is not about being as fancy as possible, but about looking just dressed up enough. In order to keep this outfit looking nice but not over the top, wearing a simple tee under the blazer will do the trick.


White Streaky Print Tee

Our White Streaky Print Crewneck Tee is a great option. The design is simple and versatile with a little texture to make sure it doesn’t get too boring. Wear this tee under a neutral blazer and with neutral linen pants. As for shoes, wear a clean dress sneaker or a casual pair of loafers. The other great thing about this tee? You can wear it during the day, too!


Mastering Men’s Resort Wear


Since the time to wear resort wear only comes around once a year, it is important to take full advantage of this style of dressing. If you don’t already have a fabulous vacation planned, why not make a spontaneous plan or at least pretend you are going somewhere tropical and nice? Even if you just want to try it out while sunbathing in your backyard, the #bkfam is determined for you to master the look.


The concept of resort wear is to be as comfortable and stylish on vacation as possible. Think of it as an unofficial dress code. It can make your life easier and make you feel more confident. The breathable fabrics allow for less time worrying about ironing and more time worrying about which cocktail you are going to order at the pool bar.


If you are in search of more inspiration and understanding of resort wear, there are many celebrities that have definitely mastered the concept. Celebrities can be considered the founders of resort wear, since they posted their lavish vacations showing off their resort chic wardrobes. Since the beginning, the style has evolved as people have taken the concept and added their own twists, but the basis remains the same.


One thing we do not recommend when packing your suitcase is jeans. Jeans are not considered to be a part of resort wear and you’ll definitely regret your choice when they are sticking to your legs in the heat. Instead, try a pair of linen pants or a nice pair of shorts. Make sure your shoes look nice as well and are not too dirty or worn. This will help elevate your outfit and keep it looking nice.


Accessories are still acceptable when it comes to men’s resort wear, however it is important not to go overboard. Try rocking a classic pair of sunglasses like a pair of aviators or wayfarers. If you’re trying to block out the sun or simply enjoy wearing hats, then you are more than welcome to sport a simple baseball cap. Try to keep it neutral with minimal design and graphics in order to keep the classic look.


You may not understand why you have to worry about what you wear on vacation, since it’s supposed to be a time to relax and not think, but resort wear offers an effortless way to look stylish while having a good time in tropical locations.


You’ll always be social media ready and comfortable at the same time. Resort wear is to not only fit in with resort expectations but to make your life easier as well. Once lounging by the pool or walking along the beach, you’ll be thankful you invested the time in looking your best and feeling your best for your much-deserved vacay.



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