Our Favorite Mix-And-Match Styles for Kids

Hello, parents! We hope that you had a smooth transition from summer to back-to-school mode. We know how difficult it can be to get back into the swing of things, especially with young kids, but we hope the school year is off to a great start!

Getting your children dressed in the morning can be challenging if they are tired, so we hope that our guide to back-to-school outfits helped make getting them ready for school a bit easier! If it did help, we are happy to announce we have a new guide for you!

Our Favorite Mix-And-Match Styles for Kids

This guide is all about mixing and matching clothes within your children's wardrobes. Mixing and matching can include styling both new pieces and old favorites to create trendy outfits for your children that they can rock at school.


Let the Kiddos Help Pick Their Outfits

We hope that switching up their usual looks will make the morning routine more exciting. Help them through the selection process while nurturing their creativity by letting them choose some pieces for their outfits. Children love to express themselves with clothing!

A strategy we have to help you dress your children in the morning and let them believe that they are styling their own outfit is by hanging up or laying out a few different options of both tops and bottoms that would work well together.

If you remove the other options that do not match, the kids won't be tempted to choose them. By laying out only a few options that all match, you are giving your child some say in their outfit while making sure they still look put together. We hope that this helps make them a bit more excited to wake up and get dressed in the morning.


How to Mix-And-Match

We offer so many different combinations of tops, bottoms, and outerwear that we can guarantee your child will love to wear to school all year long. All of our styles are gender-neutral, allowing all your children to share what’s in their closets! You may need to get two of each, though, to avoid morning arguments over who gets to wear these popular and colorful styles!

What we mean when we say “mix-and-match” is that even though we offer various pieces from each collection, including hoodies, T-shirts, joggers, and shorts, you can mix them and match them with pieces from other collections that we offer. All of our designs will match each other, so you do not need to stick to only wearing one collection at a time.

Our styles are unique to the Brooklyn Cloth brand. We have T-shirts, hoodies, joggers, and shorts that have graphic designs printed onto them. These graphics are hand-drawn by our talented in-house design team, so we can guarantee that the pieces that your children rock will be one-of-a-kind!


Our Favorite Mix-And-Match Collection for Kids

Savage Collection:

Boy's Savage Repeat by Brooklyn Cloth


  • Repeat Savage
  • Savage Box

Many of our collections have similar graphics, sayings, or shades on the clothing so that they all do match and look well while worn together. For example, our Savage collection comes in a variety of different styles. We offer both the Repeat Savage and Savage Box logo in shorts, joggers, hoodies, and T-shirts. They are similar enough to each other that you can wear them together even though they do not have exactly the same design. 

If you wanted to wear only one part of the Savage collection and pair it with a solid-colored hoodie or a totally different collection, it would still look great because we use similar colors for all of our clothing. For example, our Kids Black Drip Splatter hoodie paired with our red Savage Box Logo joggers would complement each other nicely because of the simplicity of the joggers and the attention-grabbing details and colors of the splatter-print hoodie.


Let Your Kids Express Themselves Through Clothing

Like we mentioned previously, children usually like to dress themselves. Even if the outfits that they choose don't necessarily match, they like to know that they have control over what they wear to school each day.

It is important to let these children dress themselves because clothes are a way for them to express themselves, even if they do need a little guidance. At a young age, they may not understand the term “express yourself” yet and explain themselves through their words, but others will be able to pick up on their unique personalities by the way that they dress and the styles they choose.

Therefore, it is extremely important to support their clothing choices and hype them up in whatever they choose to wear. This is especially true for smaller children who may not be old enough to understand how to express themselves through their words.


Our Top Choices for Mix-And-Match Children’s Clothes

Boy's Savage Box Logo by Brooklyn Cloth

Within this blog, we are going to suggest some mix-and-match styles that we believe that your child would absolutely love. If you and your child are used to dressing in a simple manner, feel free to step out of your comfort zones and try new styles that you haven't before.

Many of our kid’s pieces here at Brooklyn Cloth are full of color and graphics that we know your child will love.


Best Pieces for Mixing and Matching:

  • Hoodies
  • Joggers
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts

It is your job, or better yet, your child’s job, to come up with the accessories to finish off these outfits in a way they feel best expresses themselves. They can do that by adding a hat, backpack, or shoes. We hope that this guide helps you and your child prepare better for the school year full of outfits.


Our Favorite Kids Styles for Mixing and Matching

  • Tie-dye
  • Matching sets



Tie-dye is an extremely popular trend that will carry on all throughout the year, so you better stock your children up with various tie-dye pieces that they can rock to school in every season! Some of our favorite tie-dye pieces include our kid’s tie-dye shorts, which are offered in blue and yellow, our black tie-dye joggers, and hoodies, which are offered in various colors of tie-dye.

Many people believe that only one print per outfit is allowed, but we here at Brooklyn cloth have to respectfully disagree with that statement. Actually, we believe that you should include as many prints as you can per outfit, as long as they go together, of course. It is important to make sure that the patterns, like our tie-dye prints, do not clash with one another. If they fall within the same color or style family, feel free to mix and match as many as you’d like!


Matching Sets

Boy's savage repeat hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth

Matching sets are also extremely popular at the moment. So why not include both the matching set and tie-dye trend? Being that we offer black tie-dye in two different pieces, feel free to pair them together to create a set. This unisex look would be perfect for your children to wear to school. They will be both comfortable and trendy during their long day in the classroom. You want to make sure that your children feel comfortable in the clothing that they wear to school so they will be able to focus on their classwork instead of fidgeting around with uncomfortable clothes.


Kids Mix-And-Match Style Guide

Kid's Splatter Drip hoodie by Brooklyn Cloth


Both our Black Cali Vibes Tie-Dye Joggers and our Hype Black Tie-Dye Joggers would look great paired with our Good Vibes Only Black Tie-Dye Hoodie. All three of these pieces have unique graphics printed on them as well as the popular tie-dye print. You can finish off this look with a pair of sneakers or moccasins. If it is a bit chilly outside, throw a denim jacket or vest on over the hoodie to give them a little extra warmth for when they wait at the bus stop or play outside!

Another two pieces that would pair well together that normally wouldn't be considered are our Drip Splatter Hoodie, which has writing embroidered on the front and comes in black or white, and our Vibes Box Logo Dusty Rose Jogger. 

If you choose to pair this hoodie with the Vibes Box Logo Dusty Rose Jogger, the “Vibes” embroidery on each piece, although not from the same collection, will complement each other nicely. This choice of bottoms is a bit similar because of the solid color. The dusty rose color will make the splatter design pop; however, the sweatshirt will be the focal point of the outfit.

If you decide to be a little edgier, feel free to pair either of these hoodies with the Black Streaky French Terry Jogger. This choice will add even more detail to the outfit because of the streaky lines of the joggers. Both of these joggers would look great paired with these trendy hoodies! However, it is definitely up to your child which they feel more comfortable wearing to school!

We also offer our splatter drip print in a jogger if you want to stick with the matching set trends. If your child isn't loving the tie-dye trend or already has a closet full of tie-dye prints, definitely offer them the splatter look. We guarantee they will adore it! Splatter print isn't very popular, so it may be possible that they have never seen anything like it before—they’ll love being the first to rock this look at school!

Our Kids Black Drip Splatter Jogger can be paired with either the matching Black Drip Splatter Hoodie, or you can match it with the other piece in this collection, the White Drip Splatter Hoodie, to mix and match the color choices a bit. We also offer these splatter pieces in adult sizes, so you can match with your child! We know they will definitely be inspired and excited to wear outfits that they see their role models wearing!


Let Brooklyn Cloth Make Your Mornings Easier

We hope that this guide to creating mixed-and-matched outfits has helped give you some ideas on how to dress your child for this upcoming school year. Having younger children who rely on you for everything can be overwhelming, especially if you have more than one child!

We here at Brooklyn Cloth hope to take at least one thing off your plate: Styling! After a long summer vacation, your child may not be too excited to get back into their school routine of early mornings, so we hope that providing them with a closet full of colorful and bright clothing makes them at least a little bit more excited to get ready and go to school each morning!

Remember to guide your children while choosing their outfits for the school days but let them express themselves through their choices. It is just as important for them to express themselves at a young age as it is when they are older. They will look back at photos of them in their school day outfits when they are older and thank you for purchasing such stylish clothing for them!

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