Our Favorite Women’s Bike Shorts for Spring

Our Favorite Women’s Bike Shorts for Spring

Women's Biker Shorts

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking of what you’re going to wear when the weather warms and the trees bud. Just like Lisa Simpson discovered in Season 7, Episode 25 of “The Simpsons,” new clothes can bring out the best in you. Spring is all about new beginnings, so freshen up that wardrobe with women’s bike shorts. Whether you choose to wear them as loungewear or for going out, you’ll feel fresh. 

Our women’s bike shorts are the perfect way to change things up or explore new styles if you’re into dopamine dressing. Women’s bike shorts are a great option to ease into spring and wear throughout the summer (and beyond!). 

Dopamine Dressing is in Style for Spring

Dopamine dressing is a new trend that’s all about dressing in a way that makes you happy. Love going with sparkly ensembles? Rock it. Want to wear a monochrome bright pink look? You’ll look fab! Dopamine is the happy hormone, so wear whatever brings you joy, and you’ll get that dopamine hit. 

Biker Shorts Women

Fit Test

How do you know if your bike shorts fit properly or which inseam to choose? Pick your bike shorts like you pick your leggings. Bike shorts should be fitted, but not too tight at the waist, and go down the leg with a tight fit. You don’t want them to be baggy in the leg or in the crotch area – if that’s the look you’re going for, check out our full selection of shorts to find your perfect spring fit. 

Biker Shorts Women

Brooklyn Cloth women’s bike shorts come in a 5” and 7” inseam, and the length is purely preference. You should feel comfortable moving around and not feel any thigh chaffing. They should be long enough that you don’t feel the need to tug them down. Especially when worn as loungewear – be comfortable!

What’s your style? Do you love to rock a bit of a shorter short? Want to show off your killer legs? Or do you prefer to have the extra length, so they still pop out of that oversized hoodie you are chillin’ in? 

Bike shorts come with a fair amount of stretch, so make sure you are comfortable crouching down to pick something up, sitting, and standing/walking. When you find that perfect fit, you’ll know because you’ll be comfy no matter if you’re wearing them as loungewear or to get in a workout.

Our Bike Shorts and How to Style Them

Bike shorts are the biggest trend to come out for women in the last few years, and because they offer a great alternative to leggings, are affordable, and prevent thigh chafing, we’re in love. We offer women’s bike shorts in both lengths in a variety of colors and prints. They are perfect for loungewear, too, keeping you cool and comfy as you snuggle up on your couch. 

  • Tie-Dye
  • Print/Pattern
  • Solid Color 



Biker Shorts Women		 

Our Women’s Tonal Tie-Dye Biker Shorts are perfect for when you want to add a pop of color or some intrigue to your outfit with a trendy tie-dye pattern. These are available in tie-dye options, including lavender, dusty rose, dusty blue, dusty black, and black. There is something for everyone! 

So how do you style these women’s bike shorts? Fashion rules tell us two things:

  1. Have one part of your outfit be the star
  2. If you wear it, love it! 

Rule #2 supersedes rule #1, so if you want to wear a bright cotton candy tie-dye hoodie with pink bike shorts – you do you.

Pair your tie-dye bike shorts with a hoodie and trainers for a great look on chilly days. Our Mixed Feelings Hoodie will go with any of the shorts without competing. For a subtle complement, try our Dusty Rose Color Block Pullover. Keep them loose and a bit oversized to balance out the more fitted bottom. 

T-shirts and tanks also follow the same rules – keep them oversized, loose, and potentially cropped. Most importantly, keep it comfortable. You could go for the Multi Stripe Pocket Tee and dress it up or down with accessories and shoes depending on if you are needing loungewear or something for going out. 


Biker Shorts Women

Prints and patterns are a fun way to bring a punch of personality to an outfit, especially when paired with something classic or neutral. We recommend:

  • Leopard Print
  • Snake Print
  • Camo 

Leopard Print

Biker Shorts Women

Leopard print is a true neutral and a great way to add some pop to any outfit. We’ve got two options for this classic print in women’s bike shorts: traditional print and brown leopard print. Let the leopard shine by going for a neutral top or something in classic black.

Be aware of picking anything in a competing pattern or color – try to match one of the colors in the shorts with a color in the top. For example, a sand color picks up the brown from the shorts. If you are going for a brighter pop of color, keep it chic and cohesive by staying with a solid color, like lavender.

Snake Print

Biker Shorts Women

Are you hitting your reputation era and wanting to give off #mood vibes? Or shine like the style queen you are by wearing bold prints? Clearly, these snake print women’s bike shorts are for you. Go for all black tops to let the pattern pop or add a blinged-out top to shine for those nights out on the town. 

The snake print women’s bike shorts show great texture, so don’t be afraid to play off that by adding more textural elements to your outfit. Our Sherpa hoodie in mustard or our denim jackets are great style elements that also keep you cozy in spring’s changing weather. 


What’s not to love about camo? It goes in and out of trend so often that it’s permanently in at this point. One reason camo is perfect for women’s bike shorts and loungewear is that it does a great job at hiding spills and stains, which can happen when we forget a napkin and absentmindedly wipe our fingers on our shorts. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 

Camo bike shorts usually come in both grey and green – and both allow for the same versatility of dressing. Black, white, and grey go with both, as do all the muted colors that are trending for spring. That’s one of the reasons these are some of our favorite pairs of women’s bike shorts and loungewear

Solid Colors

Biker Shorts Women

A classic, solid-colored pair of biker shorts is also flattering and offers fun ways to level up your look. 

Check out our options in:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Dusty Rose 


Classic grey women’s bike shorts are just like a grey jogger or sweatpants. They go with everything but def have a more casual vibe. To avoid looking like you are on your way to/from the gym, keep it loose and colorful, with fun accessories. This is the perfect opportunity to go for a pop of color or a wild print like this Olive Tie Dye Hoodie. Ombre/dip-dye tanks really pop when paired with women’s grey bike shorts


There is nothing boring or basic about black bike shorts. Our Black Bike Shorts go with everything, just like black leggings. You can so easily throw on a jacket or even a blazer to dress up the look, some funky earrings and a sparkly top for a night out, or just a tee to chill out in for some stylish loungewear. They are universal, and every wardrobe should have a few pairs of black bike shorts

Sage Green

Our sage biker shorts are the most perfect shade of green. It is universally flattering and works with all skin tones. To really make these women’s bike shorts go beyond loungewear, keep it colorful. Look for other muted tones such as lavender, dusty rose, sand, or dusty blue. 


Lavender women’s bike shorts are the perfect option for spring. You can match them with any other color or style of top. They are colorful enough to not give you the “whoops, forgot my shorts” feeling and subtle enough that we’ve yet to find a color that doesn’t look good with them. This means that your warm tones, cool tones, tie-dye, oil slick, color blocking, and graphic prints all work. 

Your shoes will dress up or down your entire outfit. A fun heeled sandal, potentially in lavender, can pair beautifully with a fitted tank and an oversize blazer with chunky jewelry for going out. A casual pair of slides or trainers can dress the fit down for a run to the grocery store. 

Dusty Rose

The dusty rose color makes for a great, neutral pair of women’s bike shorts that elongate the legs and give off a soft, feminine vibe. The color is so flattering and universal that it goes with pretty much everything except neon's. Dusty rose works really well with tone-on-tone layering and matching sets. 

Loungewear Style

Biker Shorts Women

Who says your loungewear can’t be stylish? If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that comfort is beautiful. So how do bike shorts translate into loungewear? Simply by lounging. 

Loungewear is fantastic for elevating bedtime in terms of style, but it's even better for helping you transition into your day. There's no need to change your clothes before breakfast if you're wearing something stylish, comfy, and functional - and maybe not even before lunch on weekends (if we're being honest).

Instead of jolting yourself out of bed and into your work attire throughout the week, let your morning unfold more calmly in loungewear pieces made to be worn and seen. There will be no need to run and hide or rush to change on a lazy Saturday when your neighbor drops by unexpectedly or you need to make a quick visit to the grocery store.

Loungewear keeps you comfortable while still allowing you to get ready for the day.

But for real, to keep it chic and cozy at home, ditch the jackets or blazer in favor of a hoodie or oversized T-shirt, depending on the weather. A messy bun or bedhead style for shorter hair looks great. 

Looking for More Ideas?

All fashion is a reflection of the people who wear it, and loungewear and women’s bike shorts are no different. In today's world, there aren't any clear boundaries between the worlds of work and home, social and professional life, and the public and private. 

We go to work in sneakers and hoodies as often as we do in dresses and suits, and we don't mind at all. We make social media profiles that show what we do on the weekends and on vacations in order to improve our professional brands.

As work starts to creep into our downtime, we're trying to take R&R more seriously and make it more important. Self-care for many people includes things like working out and being mindful. It also means spending time with the people you care about and being comfortable in bike shorts or loungewear while you do.

The loungewear trend shows how social and professional boundaries have become blurred. This shows that we need to have simple, easy-to-wear clothes that make us look and feel good while we work on all the more important things on our to-do lists each day.

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