The Perfect Jogger Fit

The Perfect Jogger Fit

   Read Brooklyn Cloth Blog about The Perfect Jogger Fit. We give you the details between our Men's Twill Joggers and Knit Joggers and how they fit. 

 Today, with the popularity of joggers at an all-time high, there are many different kinds and fits to choose from. Due to this large selection, we are here to help you distinguish the different types of joggers and how they fit. A fundamental aspect of the jogger is comfort, so making sure you have the correct size is essential. Additionally, wearing a pair that is too baggy or tight can prevent you from having the crisp look you are striving for with joggers. Thus, we attempt to explain the different styles of joggers as well as how each fit so you can find your perfect jogger. Some of our top jogger styles include twill, knit, and poly-fleece which each provide different fits and looks so it is important to understand their differences.

     The twill jogger, one of our best sellers, is slim fit with a touch a of spandex for extra stretch and generally fits true to size. The term twill refers to the diagonal pattern which the cloth is woven, meaning the fabric is twilled when two or more vertical threads cross over two or more horizontal ones. Thus, twill pants normally have a slanted pattern with a ribbed texture. Some benefits of twill are durability and resistance from moisture or cold. Therefore, twill pants are perfect to count on as your everyday pair because they will last for a long time and keep you warm and dry during inclement weather. Comfort is yet another advantage of twill jogger giving you all the more reason to make these your go to joggers. Finally, less shrinkage and wrinkling allow you to wash twill joggers as often as you would like and still enjoy the same comfort and fit. While there are so many to choose from, one of our favorite Brooklyn Cloth twill joggers is the Moto Twill Joggers which come in khaki, black, charcoal grey, tobacco, black space dye, tobacco space dye, and white space dye. This style features a ribbed moto detail on the knees which differentiates this kind of jogger from your average twill pair. Yet another benefit of twill pants is versatility—these pants can be worn on a night out as well as lounging around the house. Rock any of these colorways with a hoodie and dope pair of sneakers and you are all set to hit the streets in style.

     Another type of jogger we offer is the knit jogger, which are also true to size and provide a more relaxed fit with comfort. If you are feeling the cozy vibes, knit joggers are calling your name! Made with 100% polyester, these joggers are perfect for staying warm and cozy in the cold. Knit joggers provide the feel of Sherpa, but without the weight giving you the perfect combination of warmth and comfort. While these joggers are definitely more casual than twill pants, they can still be part of any dope fit. Despite having a sweatpant look to them, the knit jogger is different from your average sweatpants because they provide a cleaner cut and more stylish look. The fit of knit joggers enables you to wear a nice hoodie or tee and sneakers and still be cozy whereas normal sweats do not have this versatility. Besides comfort, warmth is definitely a major benefit of knit joggers. As a result, we recommend our Heat Sealed Cozy Knit joggers. There sweats are perfect for the cold weather because they are designed to trap heat and keep you warm and cozy even in the coldest temperatures. This style comes in black marl as well as grey marl which gives you the ability to rock them with any color top and sneakers. Enjoy our knit joggers if you are looking for sweatpants that are cozy, warm, and stylish with a super clean cut.


Grey Marl Heat Seal Jogger Pants

     A different jogger we offer is poly-fleece, this style also generally fits true to size. In fact, many of our knit joggers are made with fleece materials giving them a cozy and comfortable feel. These are ideal for your colder weather wardrobe and are comfortable enough to wear around the house but also stylish to wear out of the house. Our fleece joggers also come in a wide range of colors and styles giving you plenty to choose form. One of our favorite styles is the Camo Savage Fleece Joggers. These are an everyday staple that include camo print as well as a Savage boxed logo on the leg. Stay warm in these pants with their heat seal zipper on the side made to keep you nice and toasty. Another favorite fleece jogger is our Hustle Color Blocked Jogger Pant and Brooklyn Color Blocked Joggers. These unique styles include dope color blocked designs and will bring some flair and comfort to your jogger collection. Also enjoy the many other fleece joggers we offer, you can’t go wrong! 

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