Top Five T-Shirts for this Fall Season

Top Five T-Shirts for this Fall Season

In the fall, when days are cool and cozy, there are times you just want to throw on a breathable t-shirt and enjoy the touch of the breeze. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to stock up on some lightweight and breathable tees that will keep you cozy this fall.

Now some of you may say, a t-shirt is just a t-shirt — right? Wrong. Although simple in construction and look, the quintessential piece has stood the test time for a good reason. From solid colors, graphics, color-blocked, and print all over, there are various styles to choose from. T-shirts are not only incredibly versatile for everyday wear, but they are also a great foundation for different fashion statements.

T-shirts are simple, stylish, and iconic; every man should own more than one of these timeless staples. T-shirts are your best friend when you head to low-key occasions such as kicking back with your squad at the park. They can also be the best base layer when you want to upgrade your style for a cool, laid-back vibe. Let’s take a moment to see the top five must-have t-shirts we’ve picked for you this fall. Grab one, or grab all of these wardrobe essentials.


White Slow it Down Long Sleeve Tee

White Slow it Down Long Sleeve Tee

Add this White Slow it Down Long Sleeve Tee to your closet for a fresh new look to change up the vibes from your average tee. This piece has all the style and comfort you need to level up your streetwear collection. Details of this long sleeve include original printed artwork on the front, back and sleeves. When you wash this tee to prevent it from pilling we recommend turning it inside out.


Original Garment Brooklyn Label Tee

What would fall be without an orange that matches the falling leaves? This fall, let’s embrace the seasonal changes with our bold orange Original Garment Brooklyn Label Tee. This vibrant and super soft staple has a good vibe and captivating appearance when you’re heading to weekend barbecues or for the workweek grind. You can wear it all on its own with cargo joggers, or add a layer with a black wash denim jacket to add more personality to the look.


Aqua California Vibe Long Sleeve Tee

Let’s add some coastal vibe to your t-shirt collection with this Aqua California Vibe Long Sleeve Tee. A pared-back pastel is one of the most playful and easiest ways to experiment with different hues and elevate a simple look. Featuring tie-dye Cali Bear on the chest and the back, the colorful visual creates a lovely Cali vibe. Simply throw on a pair of white joggers or light denim shorts, and you can pull off a fresh and chill look in seconds.


White Hustle Caution Long Sleeve Tee

This snazzy White Hustle Caution Long Sleeve Tee will be your favorite go-to when you live the hustle and bustle busy life. Tees in white maximize the versatility and can be slotted beneath any denim jackets, shirts, or bomber jackets. Its lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable features make it a must-have for guys with busy schedules. The caution tape pint and color-blocked details can elevate a plain, ordinary look with its visually interesting design.


Red Hustle Caution Long Sleeve Tee

For guys looking to stay on-trend, this eye-catching Red Hustle Caution Long Sleeve Tee is a must-have for fall. The striking primary shade and edgy tape prints create a strong visual contrast and unique design. When days are getting cooler, throw on this red tee and add a sharp snazzy vibe to your look for a relaxed and one-of-a-kind ensemble.




Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we hope you are safe and enjoy this fall with playful and trendy outfits. All t-shirts in this article are sustainably made using recycled polyester or upcycled materials. We are also conscious of our cutting process to lower our fabric waste, and we donate our textile scraps. Let’s save the earth by supporting sustainable fashion!





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