Transitioning Biker Shorts to Fall

Transitioning Biker Shorts to Fall by Brooklyn Cloth

We’ve reached that transitional period where people start to suggest swapping out summer clothes for fall wardrobes. Although they’re right, it’s easy to put this task off if you don’t have a wide variety of fall attire just yet. If this is the case, we are here to help you #BKFAM.

Transitioning Biker Shorts to Fall

But as you start to make the switch from summer to fall, make sure you leave those biker shorts right where they are. On-trend for fall fashion, biker shorts can be worn as part of a variety of outfits. Just as we saw them paired with tanks and tees in the summer months, we’ll start to see them being worn beneath hoodies and jackets this autumn.


Best Tops to Wear With Biker Shorts


- Tees

- Tanks

- Hoodies

- Crop tops

- Sweaters

- Sports bras

- Blazers

- Cardigans


We have also seen biker shorts being worn in more formal ways, and we here at Brooklyn Cloth want to share these trends with you. Biker shorts are a great asset to your wardrobe because they can be worn for many occasions. Biker shorts tend to be more comfortable than regular shorts, and they help you avoid thigh chafing. We offer two different lengths here at Brooklyn Cloth, so you can choose whichever length suits you best.


Biker Shorts on Warm Fall Days


Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Fall wardrobes are full of sweaters, cardigans, jackets, boots, and sometimes even scarves and gloves. Depending on your location and the current month, the fall season may be a little warm. Although we want to dive right into the full effect of fall clothes, wearing all of them together right away may cause you to become overheated throughout the day. This is where biker shorts come in handy.


Biker shorts are a great alternative to break up any outfit from being too much of any style or season. If the weather is still in the mid-60s at the beginning of fall, but you are ready to dive into your sweater collection with your pumpkin spice latte in hand, feel free to throw on a pair of biker shorts with your sweater to make it a little more weather acceptable for the time being.


Biker Shorts Outfits for Fluctuating Fall Weather


In New York at this time, the weather is a little bit misleading. From the time you wake up in the morning and get ready to go to school or work to the time you leave the office mid-afternoon, the weather has done a 180.


When you wake up to go to work, it is still dewy and chilly outside, but by the time you leave the office, the sun is blazing down just like it is still summertime. This is a great time to wear your biker shorts because, by the time you get out of work, you do not want to be in a full sweater and jeans outfit, which would make the commute home less than fun.


How to Style Biker Shorts in the Fall


- Dressed up

- Casual

- Comfortable

- Athletic


Dressing up Biker Shorts


Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth



Biker shorts can also be worn with more formal outfits. Like we have mentioned previously, biker shorts have been seen paired with blazers and crop tops. A year or two ago, we would never have expected biker shorts to be styled this way, but they have taken over the fashion world and are making themselves useful in every category. 


We have come up with a couple of outfit ideas for you to choose from if you are having trouble coming up with outfits to incorporate your biker shorts into the season. We do not want to leave this incredibly comfortable and trendy piece behind the season, so even if you are unsure about this trend, try it out. Who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised. We hope that you continue to expand your fashion horizons and are trying all of the new trends that are taking over, even if you are a bit unsure about them.


The great thing about fashion is that the trends are constantly changing. Each season a new piece or pattern becomes popular, some people love it, and others are unsure about how they feel. For example, not too long ago, some people could never see themselves wearing biker shorts, and now biker shorts are spilling out of their dressers. If you have tried biker shorts before and didn’t love them, we recommend trying them again; you may like them better the second time around.


Fall is full of neutrals and warm tones. These colors match all of the fall festivities that will take place this season, like pumpkin picking, apple picking, eating apple cider donuts, hosting Thanksgiving, and more. These occasions give off such a cozy vibe, and we hope that our clothes give you the same warm-fuzzies this season. This fall, expect to see many varieties of outfits being worn that incorporate biker shorts. Fall is the time to get cozy, but we tend to see many people dressing more formally during this time of the year. Fall’s formal clothes seem to be just as comfy as the clothes we would lounge in during every other season.


In an unexpected fashion trend, biker shorts are constantly being seen paired with blazers. Blazers are professional pieces of clothing that are often worn just in and out of an office building. But blazers, like biker shorts, are now being taken to the streets and styled in a very smart way.


We constantly see brightly colored, animal printed, and oversized blazers being worn over crop tops and paired with biker shorts. These outfits are often dressed up with a pair of high heels, combat boots, or even cowboy boots like we are seeing a ton of this season. As New York Fashion Week is taking place, we have seen so many different celebrities and attendees to the shows wearing blazers and high heel outfits as they watch the top fashion brands’ shows.


Casual Biker Shorts


Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth



Aside from our blazers, you can also pair your biker shorts with an oversized or cropped denim jacket on top of an undershirt like a crop top, sports bra, or tank top. We here at Brooklyn Cloth offer various jean jackets from light wash to dark blue or black with printed graphic designs for you to choose from. Any one of our denim jackets would look great being worn with a pair of solid color biker shorts or a pair of our printed biker shorts if you decide to go with one of our simple denim jackets.


Some of our favorite denim jackets include our black true doodle denim jacket and our lavender medium wash denim jacket with knitted sleeves added to make your jacket a little bit more comfortable and movable.


We also offer Sherpa-lined corduroy jackets here at Brooklyn Cloth so that you can achieve the full fall look this season. If the day that you decide to wear this toasty jacket with is warmer than expected, feel free to throw on your biker shorts with a graphic Tee and tie your jacket around your waist for easy access. Not only will you have your jacket handy, but you will look stylish.


Another outfit that has been walking down the streets of New York this fall is biker shorts paired with an oversized cardigan or a button-up long sleeve shirt. These oversize pieces are typically worn closed over the biker shorts. They can be paired with knee-high boots or chunky Doc Martens. The lace-up Doc Marten style boots are such a staple walking through the city, and they are extremely comfortable. They will also keep your feet warm during the colder seasons.


Comfortable Biker Shorts


If you were going for a more casual and comfortable look in your biker shorts, try pairing them with an oversized hoodie, crewneck, or a long or short sleeve graphic T-shirt. For laid-back footwear, we suggest a pair of sneakers so that you are comfortable and can move efficiently. To make the fall biker shorts look more edgy, opt for a pair of platform sneakers or chunky sneakers. We also suggest wearing a pair of high socks with the sneakers to finish off the trendy outfit. If the weather is still warm outside and you decide to rock this outfit, free the toes in slides or sandals. We have seen this outfit being worn with a pair of Birkenstocks, both platform and regular height.


Athletic Biker Shorts



Women's biker shorts from Brooklyn Cloth


Don’t forget biker shorts’ real purpose: biking. This means biker shorts are perfect athleisure wear staples. You’ll be cute, comfortable, and trendy at the gym this fall.


Athleisure outfits often consist of matching pieces, like a pair of biker shorts and a sports bra or leggings and a crewneck. They say that when you look cute and feel good, you are most productive, so why not wear a cute outfit to the gym to get your best workout in.


If you decide to go with the sports bra and biker shorts while hitting the gym, feel free to pair them with your favorite workout sneakers. If you were just wearing your athleisure outfit around the house while you are relaxing on the weekend like most of us do, feel free to throw on a pair of your favorite slippers for ultimate comfort.


What Shoes go With Biker Shorts?


- Sneakers

- High heels

- Slides

- Slippers

- Boots


Choosing Your Fall Favorite Biker Shorts


We hope that this guide to transitioning your biker shorts from your summer wardrobe to your fall wardrobe has helped you come up with some ideas on how to rock them this upcoming season.


All of our biker shorts come in two different lengths. Both 5-inch and 7-inch inseam biker shorts offer comfort and lightweight breathability. So stock up on all your favorite colors and prints so you can show off your biker shorts style through the fall and even into winter, spring, and summer.


We offer a variety of different biker short styles for you to choose from so that you can blend them with your favorite clothing pieces for a great fall look. Some of our most popular biker shorts styles include our snake print and our tonal tie-dye print, which is offered in lavender, dusty rose, dusty blue, dusty black, and black.


We can’t wait to see which style of biker shorts you choose to stock your closet with, #BKFAM. As always, we hope that this guide has helped you learn more and sparked some ideas on how to incorporate prints and colors into your favorite biker shorts outfits this fall.


Though you may get inspiration from social media or even people on the street in their biker shorts outfits, remember to make your outfits your own. Put your own spin on outfits for an original look that allows you to express yourself. You may even inspire somebody else in your fall biker shorts ensembles.

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