TRENDING NOW: Logos, Patches, and Embroidery

Brooklyn Cloth Blog: Logo, Patches on DIY Jackets
Individuality is a key theme during our current fashion climate. DIY clothing is trending and logos, patches, and embroidery are the perfect additions to customize your outfit. Read on to discover the best ways to personalize your duds with these trending details.


Big Bold logos from American iconic brands like Tommy Hillfillger, Calvin Klein, luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and old-school brands like Champion are all about the big, loud logos. Let’s call it "logomania."

For logos, there isn’t a rule of where to place them. As long as it, loud and in your face, you're good.

For our interpretation of logos, we love our Limited Edition Coaches Jacket and Black and White Bombers by Breathe Carolina. Or our basic BROOKLYN logo tees.  It has dominant logos but it's not so in-your-face. It has a sense of authenticity yet keeps the “cool” factor.

Logo tees


We’ve been doing DIY and patches since the brand was created and one of our favorites items is our New York Patch Denim Jacket. The denim is a vintage washed feel, the sewn patches labeled with different patches, and attached knit fabrics in the fabric make this jacket a customer favorite.

New York Denim Patches


Embroidery is an art and everyone has done it. Our Self Made Denim Jacket is a great example of how unique embroidery can look. Greek inspired black denim jacket for when you hit the urban streets with the squad.



So Whether you want to try your own embroidery, patches or hand-drawn, our advice is just go for it and have fun. After all, it’s about personalization.

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Wow! Your clothes always look wonderful, 24/7 support we can see that designers certainly what they are doing and how to do it right.

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