What to Look for in Men's Sweatshorts

What to Look for in Men's Sweatshorts

Hey, BK fam! We know that shopping for shorts can be stressful. Especially when shopping online and trying to figure out the length, color, and fabric that best suits you – it can feel impossible. This year, look no further than this go-to guide to help you pick the best summer shorts for your style.

If you didn’t know already, sweatshorts are all the hype this season. When you want loungewear but can’t bare the heat of heavy sweatpants, sweatshorts are the perfect solution for you. Super comfortable sweatshorts are the best in-between solution for casual stay-at-home looks but also for your on-the-go summer needs.


Are Sweatshorts Better than Regular Shorts?

Being made of breathable material makes these shorts particularly versatile. Sweatshorts are best-known for being great for workouts, allowing for great range of motion while still being comfortable. The length of these types of shorts usually sits right above the knee,

Still, no sweat is necessary to look and feel great in sweatshorts. This summer, sweatshorts are a must-have for your wardrobe. Whether you plan on working from home, heading to the beach, or working at the gym, this multi-purpose style has you covered.


All the Color You Need

Gold Sun 7" Knit Shorts

This summer, sweatshorts are a great way to add a pop of color into any look. Although grey sweatshorts are classic, you can also enjoy cool new graphic designs as well as trendy colors that are sure to freshen up your wardrobe. Some of our suggestions to complete your summer look include our Gold Sun Knit Shorts and Heather Grey Open Your Mind Gradient Shorts.

If your priority is comfort rather than style, we recommend giving some of our favorite classic designs a try. Sometimes it’s important to go back to the basics, and at Brooklyn Cloth we have you covered with our favorite Medium Blue and Heather Grey Zip Pocket Knit Shorts.


Pick the Right Pockets

Any pair of sweatpants would be lost without a pair of trusty pockets. We know that some features are simply must-haves for loungewear. That’s why we want to help you choose the best sweatshorts with the right pockets for your needs this summer.


For the Laidback Lounger

Black and Sand Split Fleece Shorts

  • If you plan on sporting your sweatshorts only around the house, we recommend straying away from zipper pockets.                                                
  • Although zipper pockets add another level of convenience when you are on the go, for homebodies it may be more unnecessary and uncomfortable for laying around.                                                                                                      
  • If you’re looking for a pair like this, we suggest checking out our Black and Sand Split Fleece Shorts.


For the Summer Globetrotter

White Space Dye Printed Slant Zipper Shorts

  • On the other hand, if you plan on being out and about this summer, we can’t stress how important it is to find a good zipper pocket.                                     
  • This type of pocket allows for an extra sense of security for accessories like keys, wallets, and phones, especially if you plan on heading abroad.               
  • If you’re interested in sporting a pair of sweatshorts with this pocket style, we suggest checking out our White Printed Space Dye Slant Zipper Pocket Shorts.


Watch Out for the Waist Band

Men's Orange Hibiscus Floral Woven Shirt

The key to a good pair of sweatshorts is all in the waist. What you’ll want for maximum comfort is a pair of sweatshorts that includes both an elastic waistband and drawstring. Including both of these features ensures that you will feel comfortable and secure in your shorts all day long.

Along with the rest of the ‘90s fashion renaissance, sweatshorts are the perfect way to add comfortable style into your closet this season. Truly embrace the look by pairing sweatshorts with our Orange Floral Hibiscus Woven Shirt and a pair of chunky dad sneakers.


Why the Material Matters

With sweatshorts it is especially important to keep an eye out for what type of fabric they are made of. The fabric for these types of shorts can drastically change how they feel and fit. Especially in the summer heat, it’s important to choose the fabric of your sweatshorts carefully. Here is some of our advice about how to shop for sweatshorts this summer:


Lightweight Sweatshorts

If you’re looking for a pair to lounge around the house, then we suggest looking for a pair of sweatshorts made out of terry cloth. This super lightweight material is incredibly breathable and makes wearing sweatshirts easy. Don’t go too thin, but find a durable pair of jersey, polyester, or French terry cloth shorts for a super comfortable look.

These materials are all great ways to achieve the perfect loungewear look in sweatshorts for relaxing summer days inside. Having some elasticity in a thinner fabric is also better because it will provide more space in your thighs so that these shorts don’t ride up too much.


Fleece Sweatshorts

If you prefer a pair of sweatshorts that you can mainly dress up for your a night out then we suggest finding a pair made out of a thicker material. This is because a pair made out of a thicker material, like fleece, will add more structure to the short while not sacrificing the level of comfort for the wearer.

Oftentimes, if you’re living in colder climates, you may prefer fleece shorts for summer. This will allow you to stay cool while keeping your legs insulated for when it gets cooler later in the day. Either way, you can’t go wrong with sweatshorts this summer.


Show off Your Sweatshorts this Summer

As always, we want to provide the best style advice to our #BKFAM all year round and we look forward to seeing what you are able to create with your Brooklyn Cloth wardrobe. Next time you’re wearing your favorite Brooklyn Cloth pieces don’t forget to tag us @brooklyncloth and use the #BKFAM!

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