What to Wear During Transitional Weather

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As we approach spring, it can get a little challenging to know what to wear on a day-to-day basis. The weather is strange. You can start the day needing a coat, but by lunch time it’s so warm you’re sweating in your heavy layers. This weather transition is great though because it means it’s just about time for the warm weather to come through. On the other hand, it can always make it a little difficult when deciding what to wear. Of course, we want to be comfortable and look good in whatever we wear, but we have questions, like:


  • How can I layer without looking frumpy?
  • What are some items I need to have in my closet to look fashionable and comfortable?
  • What joggers are perfect for moderate temperatures?


From jogger pants to denim jackets, these ten items will solve all of your problems and are ideal to wear during the transitional weather. There are so many different ways you can layer and get creative with your looks. Our list includes the perfect transitional weather wardrobe staples and will be great to wear on days when it’s not that hot or cold outside. If you want to swap out your heavy, long coats for lighter jackets or choose t-shirts instead of sweaters, read on for styling ideas. 


Light Grey Streaky Fleece Jogger Pants

Men's Light Grey Streaky Fleece Jogger Pants

Upgrade your basic joggers with our comfy, Light Grey Streaky Fleece Jogger Pants. They will become a staple piece in your transitional clothing closet that will match with almost anything. They feature an elastic waistband and gathered elastic cuffs around the ankles. 

You can pair these with your favorite hoodie and one of our denim jackets to give you more style without compromising your comfort. You can also just wear these joggers at home when you want to relax and lounge around.


Light Wash Knit Sleeve Denim Jacket

Men's Light Wash Knit Sleeve Denim Jacket

The Light Wash Knit Sleeve Denim Jacket is another great piece to wear during the transitional weather. It’s perfect for those days where it’s cool early in the day. You can layer your look is easily and comfortably with this denim jacket that brings the comfort of your favorite hoodie to a timelessly stylist denim jacket. 


This denim jacket is a must-have in your jacket closet. It looks great when it’s layered over one of our graphic tees and jogger pants. This jacket could also pair with basketball shorts when you walk to the park to ball it up with some friends.


White Open Your Mind Tee

White Open Your Mind Tee

Having trouble thinking of new fits to keep it fresh? Branch out with our White Open Your Mind Tee. With original artwork and 100% cotton material you will be stunting on everyone while remaining super comfortable. The contrast of the graphics on the white tee is a stylish way to level up your style, too!


If it’s still chilly out, wear this button up with a zip up hoodie and twill jogger pants to maintain style. Once the weather has transitioned fully, wear this top with your swim shorts when you head to the beach or to a pool party. If you're at a beachside resort with the fam, you'll want to dress this up for dinner with your best pants and sneakers.


White Open Your Mind Hoodie

 Men's White Open Your Mind Hoodie


Open your mind to the possibilities of transitional clothing with this hoodie. This White Open Your Mind Hoodie can be paired with a pair of our Charcoal Cargo Twill Jogger Pants to elevate the look. You can pair the hoodie with a pair of our knit shorts or sweats for more comfortable wear as it warms up, too! 


Khaki Twill Jogger Pants

Men's Khaki Twill Jogger Pants


Get rid of your basic, shapeless lounge pants and upgrade your transitional weather wardrobe for a look that’s classy and comfortable. You don’t have to sacrifice any of the coziness that makes sweatpants your favorite clothing item as long as you swap them out for a pair of khaki twill jogger pants from Brooklyn Cloth. These joggers feature an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring for a custom fit, gathered elastic ankle cuffs for an effortless pull-on style, and spacious front pockets to keep your keys, phone, and wallet safe and sound. 


Our khaki twill jogger pants are a blend of cotton and spandex that is machine washable and perfect for nearly any occasion. These joggers fit true to size and are just the right thickness to keep you warm if it’s cool out without being stuffy.


For a casual look, pair these pants with a graphic tee and sneakers. If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, these joggers go great with button-ups and a blazer. Regardless of what adventures life has in store for you, you’ll always look and feel great in these khaki twill jogger pants. Create the perfect laid-back outfit by pairing them with our medium wash denim jacket.


Medium Wash Blessed Denim Jacket

Blessed Denim Jacket

Tired of your plain denim jacket and want to make it more fun? 

  • Swap out your traditional denim jacket for this modern style for wearing to work or for a backyard bonfire.


Blue Confetti Woven Shirt

Men's Blue Confetti Woven Shirt from Brooklyn Cloth

This shirt will make you feel like life's a beach and we're just playing in the sand! You can button up the Blue Confetti Woven Shirt for any beach destination vacation or for fun in the backyard for a pool party. This comfortable top for men looks great with any bottoms for wherever you are. You'll want to make sure that this is packed in your suitcase or duffel bag to get your tropical vibes on. 


When going out to dinner by the water, you can wear this woven shirt with the Brooklyn Cloth white twill jogger pants. If you’re having pool parties in the backyard, it just got better with this top with your swim shorts and a pair of slides. When taking a walk on the pier or boardwalk to get some air by the coast you'll want to grab your shorts to match with this top. Pair it with one of our denim jackets to combat transitional temps and feel good!


Dusty Rose Stay Wild Long Sleeve Tee

Dusty Rose Stay Wild Long Sleeve Tee


You can stay wild and free with our Dusty Rose Stay Wild Long Sleeve Tee! This Stay Wild tee is designed for those adventurous spirits to spread the good vibe and embrace some boldness. The soft poly-cotton fabric and the dusty pink and blue color that brightens your whole outfit, making it easy to switch up your style from casual to comfy to street inspired.


The light sleeve is perfect for transitioning temps. Pair this tee with your favorite twill joggers and mix up your footwear game with kicks that match the colors when you're meeting up your friends in the bar on Friday night. You can also grab your favorite light blue denim shorts and a pair of low top canvas sneakers for your weekend getaway. If you're heading to a skate park, rock the hip look with a pair of trendy cargo joggers and layer up with a stonewash denim jacket.


Lavender Medium Wash Denim Jacket

 Men's Lavender Wash Denim Jacket from Brooklyn Cloth


This is a comfortable jacket that has not only the style you want but it is made to feel like you're wearing a hoodie while getting a jacket, too. The soft, poly fleece sleeves and hood with drawstrings will keep you extra warm and comfortable. You can wear this stylish outerwear with a tee shirt or a long sleeve tee underneath for extra warmth. It’s easy to take off as well if you’re not sure what the weather is like for the day.


You can also grab this denim jacket and pull out your twill jogger pants in black with your favorite tee shirt for an outfit when you want to go on a hike or take a walk in the park. Staying inside to lounge around or to relax never looked so good with this denim jacket and pair of shorts because it's like wearing a hoodie and jacket at the same time. When running errands on a cool or rainy day, this jacket will keep dry while you're going from store to store.


Layering is key for transitional weather. With this list of lightweight essentials, you can stay warm in the morning and still be comfortable in the afternoon when spring starts to feel more like summer.



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