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April 18, 2017

There have probably been countless times when you just find yourself staring at your closet looking at your wardrobe thinking to yourself "What in the world am I going to wear today?" Probably trying to think of ideas of how you can mix up your outfits without seeming like you wore the same thing over and over during the week. We have all been there and probably still are, but have no fear because your current favorite or new favorite blogger is here to save your fashion day! His name is Nico and he lives in Canada! He has been a fan of fashion for years and has been blogging for a couple of years now in men's fashion and various other topics.

Photo credit: photokurado_ 

Nico is one of our favorite bloggers that we do collaborations with and have been for a little while now. Nico took the time out of his day to speak with us about one of our pieces that we sent him that he loves. Nico has his own blog and does his own look books that we Brooklyn Cloth were actually featured in as well as an article that he wrote. Nico's blog is called pourlamode and it is everything you will need to survive the "outfit double feature" for the same week.

Photo credit: photokurado_ 

Nico's favorite piece that we gave him is our Black Nylon Bomber Jacket. You can find this bomber jacket at Nico is a relaxed guy and loves that the fabric we use in the bomber jacket is really a light weight jacketand perfect for spring and even cool summer night. Nico likes to enhance his look instead of having a focus point unless there is a statement piece which in this case wear more basics to make your statement piece shine. We were impressed to learn that he likes to style the black bomber jacket with army inspired boots.

Photo credit: photokurado_ 

"Black goes with the army print and I believe that fashion was inspired by the army and wanted to give a more army vibe for the spring season" - Nico "In real life I like to wear my army boots with some awesome Ray Ban shades with an army vibe and can see that in my images, I wanted to make this look clear."- Nico

On the weekends he likes to wear his bomberbecause you can dress it up or down it is so versatile, it looks great with a basic tee, your favorite pair of distressed denim jeansand a pair of casual lifestyle white sneakers. Nico likes to gather different outfits together especially for summer because even though it is hot out you can still dress in style with some shorts or jogger shorts.  

"Style is a balance of personality and taste which should express you!" - Nico

 Photo credit: photokurado_

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