About Jogger Pants

What Are Jogger Pants?

Jogger pants are pants that have an elastic ankle opening. Guys and gals can wear them pushed up, making them look sportier or allowing you to show off those dope socks and sneakers. Other times, you can wear them straight down, which looks great when you're rocking some old school vans.

The jogger pants have not only become connected with sneakerhead fashion culture, but it's also found its way into mainstream retailers. 

Where Did Jogger Pants Come From?

In 2010, Marc Jacobs was introducing cinch bottom pants, and sneaker heads rejoiced because it was a new silhouette that allowed them to show off their coveted shoes. 

Publish Brands copyrighted the term "jogger pants" later that year, knowing this "trend" was only beginning. The style got bigger when Kith Founder and designer Ronnie Feig created his version called the Mercer pant. This style quickly became a must-have within the fashion crowd, musicians, artists, and everyday consumers, who lined up in New York City, to get their very own jogger pants. In a complex.com interview, Ronnie Fieg stated, "When I first opened the KITH shop in 2011, I had a pair of camo army pants that I wanted to alter because they were big on me. While altering them, I thought it would be cool to have an elastic cuff on the bottom. Once completed, I got more compliments on the pants than I did my footwear."

Those who grew up in the 80s remember pin rolling, roll the bottom of your pants for a tighter fit, their jeans or chinos. In 2010, European and particularly London teens started this trend again, which coincides with the popularity of sneaker culture.

Joggers mix fashion and comfort, giving a cinched ankle to show off the shoes. The distinct detail lets you pair them with a dope sneaker and express style.

Top 5 Men’s Joggers to Get Your Closet Started

Black Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants: A pair of essential jogger pants are always needed in the everyday closet. Whether you're going to work or school you'll want to grab your favorite jogger pants. These Black Side Zipper Pocket Twill Jogger Pants will be your go-to bottoms to throw on. These easy on, easy off joggers are great to wear with any outfit plus they feature one side zipper pocket in case you want to put your wallet, keys or phone in there for safe keeping.

Taking your classic black jogger pants to the next level. We added a dope printed space dye print. These cool bottoms will keep you on trend all year round.

Style and comfort come together in these Core twill jogger pants for men. Great to wear at work or relaxing on the weekends. Add these stylish pull on joggers to your wardrobe!

Are you feeling particularly savage? Embrace the Savage life with our red savage repeat fleece jogger pants. These pants are super soft and comfortable, perfect for running errands on the weekends, playing ball with friends, or hanging out at home. 

When you want to keep warm in the cooler weather, you'll want to grab your Grey Marl Cozy Knit Jogger Pants. These are awesome bottoms when you want to lounge at home or go for a drive.