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“feeling derailed at times, Upstate NY crisp air can help”

As we are following new protocols during this difficult time, we seem to be faced with limited options as to how we can spend our free time. Many of these options include outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, or even just strolling through your neighborhood. Before the pandemic, these activities might not have been seen as exciting as they are known to be now considering they are some of the few things that we feel safe partaking in.

During these outings, we at Brooklyn Cloth want you to look and feel your best. Our various collections and garments are here to help you achieve that comfortableness. These comfy pieces can accompany you while you’re outside relaxing and socially distancing of course, with your friends and family.

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Nature Tech Hoodies

During the colder months spending time outside is all about layering. When we were younger and would go out to play in the snow our parents would always say “make sure you wear layers!” and most of the time we would just roll our eyes, but they were always right. There’s nothing worse than your clothes not coinciding with the weather and you feeling uncomfortable while being too warm or too cold during your activities.

These sweatshirts are the perfect piece to avoid this weather confused issue. On the colder months while you are outside, you can wear this hoodie under your winter jacket to give you some extra warmth while hitting the slopes on your snowboard or keeping it on the safer side and sticking with tubing down the bunny hill. During the warmer months you can wear this comfy hoodie over your favorite tee shirts while playing ball with your friends.

We are so happy to be offering these Nature Tech hoodies in all of our favorite colors including black and camo along with mustard, dusty black, burnt orange and dusty rose in our color block design at a discounted price! Go check these out now and save $13.00.

Nature Tech Hoodies by Brooklyn Cloth
Fuji Hoodies by Brooklyn Cloth

Fuji Hoodies

Exploring nature is full of incredible scenery and relaxing vibes. Imagine taking what you are experiencing while outdoors and incorporating it on a sweatshirt? Well, that is exactly what we did here at Brooklyn Cloth with one of our favorites, the Fuji hoodie.

These poly fleece hoodies with their vibrant colors will definitely brighten up your day. The Tokyo style graphics printed around this hoodie screams urban chic. Not only will you be comfortable while spending time outdoors, but this hoodie will make for a great trendy nature selfie to post on Instagram.

We are offering these hoodies in blue, black and yellow at an all-time low price of just $ 25.00. Make sure to not miss out on this great deal!

Fuji Hoodies are cool
Fuji Hoodies by BKCL
Streetwear hoodies
Nowhere to Go Hoodies  by Brooklyn Cloth

Nowhere to Go Hoodies

Although you might feel as if you have nowhere to go during this pandemic, that is not necessarily true. You may not be able to partake in what once was your normal outings, but the possibilities are still endless. Taking this time to explore new spots and to go on new adventures may be beneficial to helping you relax and grasp a new outlook on the world during the current “normal” that we are living in.

Our Nowhere to Go hoodies are a must have. The neutral colors that they are offered in, both sand and dusty black, are a great way to connect with the earth’s vibes while you relax and clear your mind outside in nature. This poly fleece hoodie is covered in unique and motivating graphic designs that can help you figure out where to go next.


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“go outside.”

A little motivation never hurt, especially when you and your motivator are attached at the hip, literally. The patch on our Polar Fleece joggers says, “go outside.” This give us a daily reminder to designate some time each day to spend outdoors. These poly fleece joggers are not just extremely comfortable, but they also give us the ultimate amount of warmth that we might need while camping overnight or to wear under our snow pants while sledding after a blizzard.

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more colors, more options

Both the black camo and black marble prints that these Polar Fleece joggers are offered in are such statement pieces that every guy deserves to have in his wardrobe! These can easily be paired with a variety of jackets, hoodies, and tee shirts to complete the streetwear look you have been striving for.

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Don’t forget to wash these Polar Fleece joggers in a cold cycle and hang to dry! We wouldn’t want them to lose their softness to the dryer.


Our Story

"Established in 2011, Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that enables our customers to express their individuality. We pull inspiration from across the globe, and in our backyard of New York City, to develop our bold collections. Brooklyn Cloth stands out for its unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics, and must-have silhouettes" We are also doing our part in sustainability. We take recycled yarn and convert them to new fabric. We source sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and are conscious on our cutting process to lower our fabric wastage. We also donate our textile scraps.