Benefits Jogger Pants

You’ve seen them everywhere, you enjoy their comfort and versatility, and you want to add some more men’s jogger pants to your closet.

The idea of being both comfortable and fashionable is why men's joggers have become mainstream. Joggers are not a pair of sweatpants, and they aren't a pair of denim jeans or khakis, either. But the distinct details of the men’s joggers’ cinched ankles paired with dope sneakers or boots impact how guys dress and express their style.

We focus on the Gen-Z and Millennial consumer - someone who isn't defined by style but is likely to dress the way they feel that day.

Features of Our Men’s Joggers:

  • Elastic Waist/Drawstring: Our men’s jogger pants feature an elastic waist with woven drawstrings, so you can make them as loose or tight as you’d like. The drawstrings act like a belt but better because they aren’t as bulky around the waist, and you won’t have any “plumber slips” when bending down.
  • Comfortable Fit: They are not meant to be baggy, so the legs conform to your body as if you were wearing skinny jeans. However, they are not as stiff these have more give, so you don’t feel constricted and can move freely. You’ll never have to worry about getting the men’s jogger pants hemmed because they are made to come right to your ankle.
  • Elastic Ankle Cuffs: The bottoms have elastic ankle cuffs, so they stretch as you slide your foot in to pull on the pants. Once on, the cuffs will wrap around your ankle, so there is no extra fabric that needs to be hemmed or tucked in. They will sit right where they need to be. With this detail, they are the perfect jogger pants for work.

Benefits of the Versatility of Men’s Joggers:

No matter what you have going on in your life for daily activities, our men’s jogger pants are versatile enough to cover it all. We say that they fit right into any lifestyle.

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or are simply looking for bottoms to wear for a family Sunday dinner at a restaurant, our men’s jogger pants are the perfect staple for your wardrobe. With our twill and knit/poly-fleece options, they can even be worn to work or school.


Two people wearing joggers with white sneakers


The Best Men’s Joggers for Work this Season from Brooklyn Cloth:

The basic twill jogger pant is a top seller at Brooklyn Cloth. They come in a few different colors, like charcoal grey, black, khaki, tobacco, and white. It’s time to get rid of those basic pants and upgrade to our men’s jogger pants. Wear these jogger pants for work, and you will look stylish yet comfortable.


Man wearing Khaki Jogger Pants


Another season top-seller for Brooklyn Cloth is the Tobacco Cargo Pocket Twill Jogger Pants. These jogger pants offer customers a bonus: cargo pockets with a button flap on each side. The pockets are deep enough to fit wallets and keys securely without falling out, making these jogger pants perfect for work or a night out!


Man wearing Cream Jogger Pants

When you want your ankles to have breathing room, the Ankle Zip Twill Jogger Pants are another top seller for Brooklyn Cloth. We're replacing the original button fly chinos with our casual hidden ankle zip men’s jogger pants.


Man Wearing Black Streaky Jogger Pants

Our Best Men’s Jogger Pants for Loungewear

We’re talking about our black snow fleece jogger pants that customers love. Made for anyone who wants to have chill nights in or prefers to be on the go. These black snow poly-fleece jogger pants will be your favorite to wear all the time, including your favorite jogger pants for work. They’re such easy pull-on jogger pants for casual wear. Throw them on with some kicks & pair them with one of our graphic tees or hoodies.


Black Marl Heat Seal Jogger Pants

For when the weather gets cold, a season favorite is the cozy knit heat seal jogger pants. These men’s jogger pants are designed to trap heat to keep you cozy as the temperatures drop. You will feel at ease when you put on these comfy joggers.

Finding the Best Jogger Fit

When creating The Jogger Pants for Brooklyn Cloth, we wanted to focus on fit. For guys, some jogger pants were slim or skinny; they weren't even wearable. For others, there was too much room in the legs or thighs, and it looked more like MC Hammer Pants, aka Harem pants. We call our fit "TRUE FIT."

But what does "True Fit" mean? It means that the leg length is not too short or too long but equivalent to the waist. The fit around the thighs isn't too tight or too loose, but just right. Learn more about sizing your joggers right.


Styling your Men’s Jogger Pants Day to Day:

We all have different lives and like to do different activities. So, when thinking about your lifestyle and how you live day to day, here are some things to consider when you wear your jogger pants.

  • Going to school: Grab your favorite twill jogger pants and pair them with something you love. You can always grab your favorite tee and worn-in denim jacket and pair the fit with your Nike Air Forces to rock all day.
  • Going to work: Dress up the jogger pants for work with a button-down shirt. Your button-down shirt can be a gingham plaid, large plaid, or even a solid color. Pairing this with any jogger pant for work will have you looking stylishly business casual yet comfortable.
  • Going to the gym: Throw on a pair of the poly-fleece men’s jogger pants and style them with your favorite hoodie and athletic sneakers for an athleisure look you’ll feel comfortable breaking a sweat in.

So, no matter what you do in your daily life, our jogger pants for work will be able to fit right into your schedule.


Why Brooklyn Cloth Men’s Joggers?

In the early 2000s, our co-founder Daron Jacob was developing designs for retailers, including Urban Outfitters, Tilly's, and Buckle. He saw that fast fashion and on-trend items were a growing focus in the women's market but very limited in the menswear department. This is when he saw a need for on-trend jogger pants for work and street-wear-inspired fashion at a great price. We started with a core category, men's bottoms, particularly The Jogger Pants.