About Knit Jogger Pants

Brooklyn Cloth is known for our quality joggers for men, women, and kids. A favorite fabric of ours is knit due to the quality of interlocking yarns and versatility.

How Is Knit Made?

Fabrics that are known as knits are created by interlocking a series of loops from one or more yarns with each other. Tricot is characterized by fine, vertical wales on the surface and crosswise ribs on the back. 

Where else do I see knit fabrics?

Knit fabrics are versatile and are used to create clothing, home décor furnishings, and bedding. 

The Five Categories of Knit:

  • Firm
  • Stable double knits
  • Lightweight single knits 
  • Textured knits (think Velour) 
  • Two-way stretch knits

Three Benefits of Knit Joggers

  1. Soft texture: knit fabrics are super soft, which means they are comfortable year-round
  2. Moisture permeability: during warmer months, you won't feel sweaty or sticky
  3. Excellent flexibility: Knit fabric allows the design to stand out and keep its shape 

Our Top 3 Knit Joggers


Are you feeling particularly savage? Embrace the Savage life with our black Savage repeat fleece jogger pants. These pants are super soft and comfortable, perfect for running errands on the weekends, playing ball with friends, or hanging out at home.

You’ll feel comfortable and look great thanks to our black space dye fleece jogger pants! These joggers feature a modern look thanks to our space-dyed fabric, side zipper pockets, elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring, and ankle cuffs.


Take on whatever life throws at you in comfort and style with our camo fleece athletic jogger pants. These pants feature elongated heat seal zipper pockets, camo printed poly fleece, an elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring, and ankle cuffs.

 Knit Jogger Reviews



Cool design and quality, thanks!

  1. COMFY

These joggers go great with the white Sherpa hoodie! Made me look like a snow buddy lol loved it


Comfy, light weight and easy on the wallet. Best joggers for the money!