About Twill Jogger Pants

Brooklyn Cloth is on a mission to deliver you with the best joggers, that includes our top selling Twill Joggers.

Twill is known for the weave; it features a diagonal line created by an offset in the warp threads. 

Twill has a darker colored front side (also known as the wale) with a much lighter back on the inside.  Twill has a high thread count (kind of like Egyptian cotton) which means that the fabric is durable and usually thick.

All about Twill

Cotton and cotton/polyester blend are the most used fabrics for twill weaves. At Brooklyn Cloth, we have added polyester to cotton to give it more versatility. When weaving twill, the horizontal thread is woven over one or more of the threads and then under one or more warp threads. To create a diagonal pattern, each row is offset from the one above.

What Is Twill Used For?

Twill fabric is so versatile and durable that it is used for clothing, accessories, and furnishings. Here are items commonly created using twill.

  • Denim. Jeans are the most popular use of twill. It's usually woven from cotton or a cotton blend.
  • Khakis or Chinos. Cotton twill fabric makes khakis and chinos pants. The difference between a denim pant or chino pants is in the weight of the twill fabric.
  • Tweed, houndstooth, and herringbone fabric. When different vibrant color yarns are weaved together, it creates Tweed and houndstooth.
  • Outdoor or Industrial clothing. Twill fabric is a very durable fabric, which is ideal for cold weather, harsh weather, and industrial jobs where apparel such as overalls, jackets, and jumpsuits are needed.

Four Benefits of Using Twill for Joggers

There are plenty of reasons why we love using twill. Here are our top four benefits.

  1. Durable. We want our customers to be able to depend on our joggers, so the fabric is durable and last.
  2. Stains less. The diagonal direction of how the pattern is weaved helps hide stains and dirt, so if you're clumsy like some of us, it won’t be too obvious. 
  3. Fewer Wrinkles. Because of the thickness of the twill fabric, it’s wont wrinkle easily
  4. Hangs or drapes well. Twill fabric has a nice drape for clothing, sheets, and more.


Our top 3 Twill Joggers


 Easy pull on, pull off charcoal grey twill jogger pants with a side zipper are perfect for ever day wear. They feature a side zipper pocket on one side, elastic waistband with drawstrings, elastic ankle cuffs and true fit.

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Rock this white twill printed space dye jogger pants all year long. They feature knee seam cut lines on the knee, elastic waistband with woven draw strings, elastic ankle cuffs and true fit.

Replacing your basic color button fly pants with our comfortable everyday khaki twill jogger pants with a side zipper. They feature a side zipper pocket on one side, elastic waistband with drawstrings, elastic ankle cuffs and true fit.

Reviews of our Twill Joggers


I love black bottoms because they got with everything. These joggers are perfect! I wear them all the time and they’re super comfy.

  1. LOVE

So cool. They’re so easy to pair with everything and were such a good purchase.


Great quality and goes well with most outfits:)