Core Dad Sweatpants vs 2.0 Sweatpants: What's the difference?

First when you think of Core Dad Sweatpants what comes to mind? Maybe a snug fit or even some funky colors that are a bit nostalgic? Well when looking at our 2.0 Sweatpants you get a more youthful and trendy vibe with calm and neutral colors that are useful for lounging around or even going to the gym.

2 for $60 + Free Shipping

Our Core Dad and 2.0 Sweatpants are here to stay, so grab a few that are gonna stand out. Your personal pick to match your style, it truly can't get better than this. Take advantage of the 2 for $60 and free shipping!

Must-Have Sweatpants

The right sweatpants can be difficult to find. Start by taking a look at our Must-Have collection of sweatpants. Having variety removes the stress and that’s what we’re here to do!

The Choice is Yours

Are you ready to follow in your dad's fashion sense and adopt the Core Dad Sweatpants, or are you more of a fresh start with the 2.0 Sweatpants? The choice is yours so don’t think too hard about it. Just embrace the newfound sense of style you have because aesthetics are a recurring trend you don’t wanna fall behind on.

Something for Everyone

Core Dad and 2.0 Sweatpants are a duo you can’t miss out on. Whether you want a baggy look or a more clean ready-to-go style, Brooklyn Cloth has a variety of sweatpants to style. With inseams that match your body, we can guarantee a perfect fit.

What Size to Get?

Start with looking at our size guide to find what lengths match you best, then take a look at the inseams to make sure everything is to your liking! We focus on our TRUE FIT because nothing is worse than ordering clothes that aren’t your perfect match. Save the trouble and check out the height of the model wearing the sweatpants you are looking at!


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