10 Men's Must-Wear Spring Break 2022 Styles and How to Wear Them

Spring Break Trends by Brooklyn Cloth

Pack your bags, #bkfam! We’re heading into Spring Break! Let’s put our winter clothes aside and get ready for warm, sunny days. No more heavy jackets, hats, and scarves!


Our spring/summer collection is arriving, meaning your favorite tees, shorts, and swim are finally back. We’ve spent time creating the perfect summer styles to keep you looking cool all season. This new apparel features cool graphics, fun colors, and comfortable fits that are on-trend. So, let’s welcome summer together and kick start it with the ultimate spring break wardrobe!


Spring break is a time to kick back and relax. So, we’re giving you super comfortable clothing without compromising your style! And we know life’s been crazy busy lately - our #bkfam has been stressed with school, work, and booking trips, so we’re making it super easy for you. This guide is going to break down some new trends that are in-style this season. Along with that, we have some great recommendations on how to style the look and make it your own! So, no matter how much time you have leading up to spring break, we’re basically packing your bags for you!


These spring break styles will have you ready for your big plans! We want to know how you’re spending your week off! What’s on the agenda? You may have a trip on the books since last year. You could be visiting your friends and family in your hometown. Or maybe your big plans include finally binge watching that show everyone’s been talking about. No matter what you’re doing, we know you’re excited for spring break. So, wherever you are on the map, Brooklyn Cloth is going to have something new to express your style!


10 Men's Must-Wear Spring Break 2022 Styles and How to Wear Them 

It’s our job to make sure the #bkfam is rocking the new trends. Whether you’re spending time at the beach or in your hometown, these latest styles are sure to impress. From our new color block styles to these sick matching sets, there is definitely something for everyone! We’re breaking down 10 must-wear men’s styles for this spring break to make sure you’re looking good!


Check out these 10 styles and our personal recommendations you can buy to get your closet or suitcase ready:


  • Color block Styles
  • Tie-Dye
  • Joggers
  • Stylish Swim
  • Graphic Cargo Shorts
  • Matching Sets
  • Graphic Sweats
  • Twill Jackets
  • Long Sleeve Tees
  • Colorful Graphic Tees


Below, we’re breaking down the style and helping you create your next look! Let’s get into it!


1. Color Block Styles



Black Color Black Hoodie for Men by Brooklyn Cloth


Color block is IN this spring! This method of mixing solid, bold colors in a piece is such an effortless way to create the perfect statement piece for your outfit. This spring break is going to be filled with color, so we want to make sure you stand out! These are perfect to wear while exploring a new city, walking the beach at night, or relaxing by a campfire. However, you’re spending your break, we know you’ll be needing one of these hoodies! You can wear these with a neutral-colored fleece, cargo, or denim shorts to really pull together the look.


2. Tie-Dye



Aqua Tie Dye Swim Shorts for Men


Tie Dye is a trend that can never fade out! This psychedelic style made its appearance in the late ‘60s and is having a major comeback. This spring break, be sure to pack a tie-dye piece in your suitcase as a go-to! For example, these Tie Dye Swim Shorts are perfect for the roaming boardwalk or laying by the water. These are super comfortable and stylish! Grab your favorite white tee, shades, and sandals to wear this on your way to the beach!


3. Our Famous Joggers



Black Diagonal Zipper Pocket Jogger Pants



Over at Brooklyn Cloth, we’re known for our joggers! You get the benefits of sweatpants but with an edge. Our joggers are tapered down to the ankle to give you a stylish look that can be worn with your favorite pair of sneakers (or, in this case, sandals).


We love these so much because they are a comfortable way to dress up any outfit. And on those cool days or nights, these are the perfect way to remain in your favorite summer tops. On dinner nights out, we recommend you pair our Diagonal Pocket Twill Joggers with a white tee and denim jacket to create a dressed-up look.


4. Stylish Swim



Vertical Stripe Swim Short for Men



We’re packing our new swim in your suitcase for this spring break! It’s time to replace your old, black swim trunks with these stylish swim shorts to instantly elevate your beach game. Brooklyn Cloth is delivering these fresh, fun swim styles that will be on trend way past spring break. Some of our personal favorites are these Vertical Stripe Swim Shorts! They come in three other colors:


  • Dusty Blue
  • GDY
  • Green

These keep you in style during your beach volleyball tournament, tanning, or surfing the waves! After your day by the water, throw on a tee and some sandals to make this a great daytime look!


5. Graphic Cargo Shorts


We’re elevating your favorite cargo shorts with these cool graphics! Brooklyn Cloth is bringing you tons of new graphic styles to give you shorts you can wear as a statement piece with your favorite tees and hoodies. Even if you’re at the beach or a festival, this will make you stand out in the crowd. Check out our website to see what new graphics we have in store. These Out of Order Cargo Shorts are some of our favorites! We hope to see our #bkfam wearing these with their favorite tees all break!


6. Matching Sets


These sets are an easy, effortless way to pull together a look while being super comfortable. As the night cools off, this look will keep you looking stylish. Brooklyn Cloth is giving you a variety of different graphics to really find the perfect fit for your style. These Love Nature Fleece Hoodie and Shorts are the perfect pair and allow you to rock a cool message. Not only can you wear them together, but these are great to pair with your other pieces in your suitcase to make a bunch of different looks while on your trip!


7. Graphic Sweats

You know how important a good airport outfit is! These graphic sweats keep you comfortable and stylish no matter how long your flight is. We know it’s not always gonna be 90 degrees over your trip, so graphic sweats are the perfect way to keep warm on a chilly night. They come with a variety of graphics so you can showcase your own personal style. The Great Outdoors Fleece Sweats are one of our personal favs, though! You can style these with a tee and layer with a jacket or hoodie to be prepared for the change in temperature.


8. Twill Jackets

Twill Jackets are perfect for layering! And this spring break, you’re going to need options. These Collegiate Zip Twill Jackets are a stylish way to elevate a tee and shorts, taking your beach look to a dinner outfit in just seconds. The cool graphics on this Collegiate Zip Twill Jacket elevates your look instantly.


9. Long Sleeve Tees

Black City of Angels Long Sleeve Shirt

Wherever you’re traveling, these long sleeve tees are perfect. Long sleeve tees are a versatile way of styling an outfit around the weather. On a warm day, you could pair our City of Angels Long Sleeve Tee with a pair of our sand-colored fleece shorts to achieve a beach-inspired look. When the sun starts to set, this long sleeve tee is perfect with a neutral pair of our joggers to stay warm throughout the night. The City of Angels Long Sleeve Tee comes in a variety of colors which include:


  • Black
  • Dusty Rose
  • French Navy
  • Gold Sun
  • Sand
  • Soft Moss


Check out our website to see the different graphic designs we offer for long sleeve tees!


10. Colorful Graphic Tees

Finally, we MUST talk about our graphic tees! These are a given for the summer. And these bright colors are the perfect way to pack some color into your suitcase. Yellow continues to be a trend each summer (and we’re sure you can tell why). Along with that, bright shades of red and yellow offer a pop of color to your outfit and a way to stand out.


These Heartbreaker Tees are the perfect way to incorporate this trend with new graphics. We recommend you pair these bright colors with a neutral-colored bottom. If you’re looking to get a streetwear edge, wear this shirt with khaki colored cargo pants/shorts and a pair of sneakers to complete the look. That brings your city style to wherever you travel!


Along with an assortment of colors, Brooklyn Cloth offers a variety of different graphic designs that you MUST check out.


How to Style Your Men’s Spring Break Wardrobe 


We can’t forget to talk about the power of styling! What makes this even better is that these styles are so versatile! Each of these pieces can be styled in different ways with each other to give you a variety of outfits. They can be mixed-and-matched and layered to add different elements. When packing for spring break, this is super helpful! You don’t need to overpack because you can get lots of great outfits without going over the weight limit on your luggage!



Stay in Style this Spring Break


Your Brooklyn Cloth inspired packing list:


  • Cool Shades
  • Comfortable Sandals
  • Good company
  • You’re favorite Brooklyn Cloth clothes (of course)


Ready for spring break, yet? Now that you’re up to date on the latest styles, fill up your suitcase with your favorites! It doesn’t matter if you’re staying local or jetting off, these styles are great for any occasion. Our fleece and swim shorts are perfect for your tropical getaways. Our fleece joggers and sweats are perfect for lounging or the airport. And our Zip Twill Jacket is perfect for that in-between weather. Whatever you choose, there’s no way to make a wrong choice! All these styles are the perfect way to prepare for summer!



Brooklyn Cloth is all about taking inspiration from the world around us and putting that into our apparel. This new collection is no exception. We’re up to date on the latest trends in fashion and we have styles for everyone!


Be sure to browse our website to see different graphics and colors options in these styles. We know our #bkfam loves to showcase their own personal style, so we can’t wait to see you rock the new collection and express your individuality. Spring break is the perfect excuse to purchase those new summer clothes that you’ve been checking out.


We can guarantee you’ll have these 10 styles on repeat all throughout the season. Now that you’ve stocked up on these spring break styles, you can really get excited for the trip! No matter how you’re spending your time off, our team at Brooklyn Cloth hopes you have a great (and stylish) spring break and safe travels!


We want to be a part of your spring break plans! Make sure to show off your insane style on social using the #bkfam so we can keep up with how you’re making these styles your own!


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