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How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Swim Trunks

How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Swim Trunks by Brooklyn Cloth

How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Swim Trunks

While you may be up on the latest trends, it’s important to know what your style is and how to choose the best swim trunks for your needs. Our men’s swim trunks are versatile and can complete any outfit, making sure you look dope every time you hit the pool or the beach this summer. It’s time to live your best life, and we are here for it.


5 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Men’s Swim Trunks:

  • Lining
  • Velcro vs. string
  • Pockets
  • Length
  • Color & design


Men’s Swim Trunk Lining

Lining in swim trunks for men reminds us of that white netting that was supposed to prevent chafing but was really itchy and uncomfortable - IYKYK. While the added support that lining provides is crucial, finding swim trunks that offer support as well as comfort is what we’re here for. 

Our men’s swim trunks feature a thin mesh lining that gives you the best of both worlds. Dope, right? Choose from our stylish collection of swim trunks, and you won’t even notice the liner. 


One of our favorite men’s swim trunks with mesh lining is:

Lavender Tie Dye Swim Shorts


How to Choose Velcro vs. String

Men’s swim trunks come with a drawstring or Velcro to tighten them, but several suits have both! So how do you choose what is the best fit for you? This choice is all on you. Remember, comfort is key.

Each person has a preference as to what works best for them when it comes to their swim trunks. So, suit up and test your options. When you realize drawstring-only is for you, place your order asap. 


One of our favorite men’s swim trunks with a drawstring is:

 Golden Yellow Vertical Stripe Split Swim Shorts


Yellow Striped Swim Shorts


Did you know everything pairs with golden yellow? Seriously, it’s straight fire. We have endless pairing options, but our top two recs are our Multi Tie Dye Ying Yang Anorak and our Black Camo Go Outside Long Sleeve Tee. Pair either of these with your favorite sandals, and your outfit will be dope.


Men’s Swim Trunks with Pockets

TFW your swim trunks have pockets. We’re low-key stoked about them, too. Pockets are versatile and keep your wardrobe functional. All our men’s swim trunks have pockets, so you can buy every style you want with both comfort and functionality. Yes, we are telling you to be extra. There are no wrong choices.


One of our favorite pairs of men’s swim trunks is:

 Dusty Rose Color Block Swim Shorts

dusty pink swim shorts

Struggling with what to pair with your amazing new swim trunks? We got you. Grab our Dusty Rose Bandana Short Sleeve Tee or our Dusty Rose Color Blocked Hoodie to complete your look. Then, grab your favorite pair of kicks, and you’ll be looking and feeling like a snack.


Choosing the Best Length for Your Men’s Swim Trunks

For men, in particular, the length of their swim trunks is one of the most important factors in feeling yourself in your newest swim trunk. Of course, there is nothing worse than ordering new swim trunks to realize they are way too short for your personal taste and are putting your goods on display. But choosing length isn’t simp. Our men’s swim trunks come in three different lengths:  

Short swim trunks generally have a 4” – 5” inseam, medium trunks a 6” – 7” inseam, and long an 8” – 9” inseam. The general rule for swim trunks is that they should fit between three inches above the knee to your mid-thigh. 

Worried we won’t have your size? Don’t sweat it. All our men's swim trunks come in every size, so add to cart. By following this length guide, comfort and a flattering fit become a vibe, period. 


How to Choose the Right Color & Design

Choosing your color and design is the last step in choosing the right swim trunks for your summer vacay. Once you know your size and the other features that matter to you, you’ve made it to the fun part. So how do you choose the most flattering color of men's swim shorts to keep your outfit on fleek? 

Start by checking your closet. Then, choose men's swim colors that you feel most comfortable in, and don’t forget to include your sandals, your baseball caps, and any other accessories you like to wear.

If buying an entirely new wardrobe isn’t in the budget, don’t get salty just yet. Instead, check your statement pieces and figure out what would match best with the suits you plan to buy. You can pull off bougie while keeping your bank account in the green. 


Our favorite men’s swim trunks that will fit every wardrobe are:


How to Rock Your Swim Trunks Outside the Water

Our versatile men’s swim trunks aren’t just made for the pool or a day at the beach. Summer is full of adventures and the unexpected, so throw on any of our swim shorts and see where the day takes you. When it gets too hot and everyone needs to get pool ready, you already will be. Our Red White and Blue Americana Stripe Swim Shorts go perfectly with a white tank and a pair of kicks. The sky is the limit. 

Every time you leave the house, you won’t have to worry if you end up by the pool with friends because you’ll always be ready. Every men's swim trunk gives a look and feel that you can get behind. Pair them with your favorite tees, a pair of white kicks, and your staple baseball cap, and say hello to being comfortable in your own skin and making the most of summer.

If any of our men’s swim trunks have been living rent-free in your head, don’t waste another minute to place your order. We don’t want you to be salty because you missed out on your top choice. When you’re rocking your fav swim trunks, you’ll be making waves in and out of the water, and we’re here for the glow up. 

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