Brooklyn Skate of Mind: The 5 Best Skate Shops in NYC

Brooklyn Skate of Mind: The 5 Best Skate Shops in NYC

Our team at Brooklyn Cloth took a trip to Williamsburg and met with pro skater Chris Miller of After watching him showcase his crazy skateboarding skills, he gave us his opinion on the 5 best skate shops in NYC. Next time you need a new deck, hit up one of the skate shops below:

KCDC Skateshop

Ever since it opened in the Fall of 2001, KCDC Skateshop has been the “go to” shop for skateboarders in Brooklyn. This notable NYC skateshop is located right off the L train, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting there. In addition to their awesome gear, they host skate nights every Wednesday in an “open gym” style. It allows for skaters to meet up, show off their skills, and hang out. You can also catch art shows, video premieres, and autograph signings at their shop, a vibrant hub of skate culture in Williamsburg.

85 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn NY 11249,


Homage is the best skate shop in NYC for skaters’ fashion favorites. More importantly, it does a great deal of good for the skating community. By providing after school skate academies and bus trips to skate parks along the east coast, this skate shop gives the younger generation a lot of opportunities to get involved. More importantly, this NYC skate shop provides young skaters with a chance to be a part of a tight-knit and respected community of good people. Plus, the indoor ramp is pretty sweet on those cold winter days!

64 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

East River Skate Shop

East River Skate Shop joined the NYC skateboarding community in early 2015, making them much younger than some of the other New York City skate shops on our list. This family-owned business spans across six generations, which is why it is 100% backed by the Brooklyn locals. East River Skate Shop is one of the most convenient skate shops in NYC because of its prime location. They’re only one block away from the G train, two blocks away from the waterfront, and a 5 minute skate from the McCarren Skatepark.

86 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Belief NYC

Belief NYC strongly supports the idea that anyone should be able to skate anywhere. This shop is the core of the Queens skate scene, and the employees are “super helpful to anyone who stops on by”. Belief NYC is a lifestyle brand that provides a unique boutique feel for its customers without seeming too pretentious.

24-01 29th Street, Astoria, NY 11102

Labor Skate Shop

We couldn’t exclude our sister borough, Manhattan, in this fine list of established and respected skate shops in NYC. Labor Skate Shop is considered “the cool shop” — the place to go if you want to say you’ve embraced New York skate life. Located where the Lower East Side meets Chinatown, this shop is a short skate away from the F, B, and D trains. If you’re looking for variety, this is probably the best skate shop in New York City. With everything from Thunder trucks to Enjoi decks, Labor Skate Shop’s surplus of skate gear is sure to suit anyone’s taste, brand, or style.

46 Canal Street New York, NY 10002

What Do You Think?

No matter which borough you’re in, you can always find an amazing love and support for skateboarding culture. Did we miss your favorite skate shop? Let us know in the comments below!

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