Festival Season Playlist: Breathe Carolina and Brooklyn Cloth

Festival Season Playlist: Breathe Carolina and Brooklyn Cloth

Breathe Carolina

Written by: Daniel Lung

Our love for music is a part of our core at Brooklyn Cloth. It inspires a lot of what we do and our designs. We partner with many musical artists and DJ’s, not only to gain inspiration, but to get valuable feedback on what they think is cool. If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out our new Festival Shop, a collection based on the kinds of clothing you’ll see at different music festivals, definitely check it out for some new clothing ideas.


Spring is here and while you are enjoying a sunny day out in the park in a pair of our joggers and tank, it is always fun to find fresh, new music. One of the new bands that we have discovered is Breathe Carolina. Based out of Denver, Breath Carolina is very eclectic and different in their sound. Much of their music ranges from EDM to electronic pop/rock to punk rock.

Check out a collab video during Miami Music week featuring their new single, Marco Polo. 

Brooklyn Cloth x Breathe Carolina Miami Aftermovie from Daniel Lung on Vimeo.


One of the things that really drew us to Breathe Carolina was their strong sense of staying true to themselves and their sound. We can identify with that at Brooklyn Cloth. We want our fans to expect our clothing to be the same awesome quality and a great style now or 40 years from now. 


Breathe Carolina is a great band to have on your playlist. One of our favorite songs is Blackout. Check them out on iTunes here and Spotify here. Make sure to comment below on your favorite Breathe Carolina song or your favorite new band!


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