Top 5 Things To Do During Cold Weather

Top 5 Things To Do During Cold Weather



Cold weather doesn't have to get you down. Instead of spending all of your time shoveling, spend some more time doing these fun blizzard activities.

Here's a quick list of our favorite things to do during a cold weather:

PREPARE! You better believe that stores will run out of the necessary items for a snowy weekend and more than likely places will close early. I always suggest planning the day/night before a predicted blizzard. Necessary items: FOOD, games, beverages, movies, comfy clothes (the Brooklyn Cloth knit joggers are ultra comfy), and anything else that will guarantee the perfect day.
    SPEND this free time watching that documentary you’ve been meaning to watch. We suggest the Vimeo Staff Pick “Stuffmaker” - a great short film that features unpretentious laid back individuals who make art from “stuff.”
      CLEAN your apartment! Though that might not sound like a fun activity to do during a blizzard, but you can make it enjoyable. Put on some music and groove your way through finally making your bed. We promise, jumping into a freshly made bed, after battling it out in an epic snowball fight, will be the best feeling you’ll ever have!
        TRY out some new outfits that have been hiding in your closet or, better yet, treat yourself and dream up your perfect, warmer-weather outfit on

          DANCE! When you’re done with your activities, throw a dance party! Make a groovy playlist on your Spotify, iTunes, or whatever music platform you use. We currently are in love with Claptone especially “The Music Got Me”.

          Written by: Lauren Jackson 

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