The Evolution of the Backpack

The Evolution of the Backpack

With the launch of Brooklyn Cloth's new stylish backpacks, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the historic figures and fashion trends that influenced the evolution of backpacks. 

 A Brief Backpack Time Line:

1900’s - Book Straps - leather buckled straps that went around school books making it easier to carry them around.

1930’s - The invention of zippers and nylon contributed to the first Nylon rucksacks used in outdoor sports like climbing and hiking.

1950’s - Leather and over the shoulder messenger style bags as well as lunch pales became popular backpacks for men.

1960’s – First Nylon backpacks and creation of JanSport backpacks. In the late 60’s, stylish backpacks for school became more common on campuses because students needed a convenient way to carry textbooks and school supplies.

1970’s - The satchel becomes the popular backpack for children.

1980’s - Printed backpacks and lunch boxes with characters from cartoons, movies and comics are the norm.

1990’s - In the movie Clueless, Cher and the girls coordinate a stylish backpack with nearly every outfit. The resurgence of 90’s fashion makes backpacks a key style component today.



photo credit: @tommytranpro


Today, nearly everyone wears a backpack. Not only are backpacks fashionable, but they are practical as well. People who live an active lifestyle by skateboarding, biking, and exploring their cities can all benefit from the convenience of the backpack. Pick one up at today and use code backpackblog10 (expires Feb 24!) and take 10% off your new backpack!

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