90s Fashion

90s Fashion

Hey home skillet biscuit, come kick it with us at Monica and Rachel’s apartment. We are going to be stirring up some hot and totally banging 90s vibes. Back in the day— 20 or so years ago — ripped up jeans, flannels, and bomber jackets were the rave, so let’s bring it back, shall we?

90s fashion

Brands like Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters have been supporting the 90s come back, and we are here for it. That’s right, it is 2019, and 90s fashion trends are back. About a year ago, it was all about the 70s, but we threw a rock on the hop-scotch board and hopped our way to the 90s decade. Perhaps the inspiration for this comeback is due to the 25th Friends anniversary (which now also has a pop-up shop downtown, go check it out). Well, no matter what the reason may be, we at Brooklyn Cloth support it. One theory for the resurgence of 90s fashion is pop culture, as well as taking the old and making it new. Everyone (including us at Brooklyn Cloth) is feeling the 90s nostalgia recently, breaking out past staples like Dr. Martens, scrunchies, and yes, even track pants. We still believe in this grunge vibe, so come with us in our time machine to travel back to the 90s.

Dr. Martens

In West Philadelphia, bomber jackets were all the rave, according to Will Smith. Brooklyn Cloth currently features a Black Nylon Bomber Jacket, which pairs nicely with some high-top kicks. This modern fit jacket with a removable “Remove before Flight” tag is both lightweight and breathable. Partner this jacket with a white “Hype” tank top to let your dudes know your mood for the day. Stay dope, man. This combo is a totally tubular outfit to sport out on the town with your pals and will have you looking fire in your killer outfit.

Black Bomber jacket

Fresh Prince of Bell Air image

Hey, you! Don’t you want to be “All That?” Throw on your Brooklyn Cloth Marl Beanie in black and come chill with Kenan and Kal at Good Burger. This beanie will have you feeling hella fresh while eating your chili cheese fries and burger with all the fixings. This oh-so-popular piece is comfortable, as well as nostalgic for the 90s. Brooklyn Cloth knows you would rather be spending your dough on soda pop, so we reduced the price a little (you’re welcome).

 Brooklyn Cloth Marl Beanie for men

Pair this beanie with our “I miss the shit we did as kids” tee to add some risk to your style. Finally, let’s complete the look. Pair this shirt and hat with our Natural Snow French Terry Zip Pocket Joggers. These cotton and polyester joggers, with a natural zip pocket and contrasting zippers, will complement the whole outfit. Throw on a pair of black and white checkboard vans, and you’ll be looking old school. Word.

Black Graphic Hoodie

We were thinking about having a movie night tonight, so let’s swing by Blockbuster and pick up Forrest Gump on VHS. A sweet piece to wear on a night like this is our super rad jean jacket with fly patchwork. Our “Stay Woke” denim jacket encompasses some pretty dope retro designs and colorwork. This distressed denim jacket will have you traveling back to the 90s, when patchwork and buttoned-up denim jackets were all the rage. Details include back jersey artwork and screen print, as well as embroidery patches. Super colorful, super chill, and hella fly.

Stay Woke Denim Jacket

This jacket has two pockets, which are the perfect size to hold your Gameboy and fruit gushers. Pair this look with our Pink Rose Checkered Hoodie. This modern fit hoodie is great for an everyday look, with an attached hood with drawstrings. You’ll have everyone saying “Wazzzzup” by sporting these slammin’ pieces.

Don’t be a buzzkill, spice up your look with a dank jacket. Our lightweight, reversible New York jacket is a fly piece, perfect for a football game with your friends. This timeless jacket sports hand-drawn sketches of New York on one side and Brooklyn Cloth on the other. This slim-fit jacket also comes with a ribbed contrasting collar and sleeves.

Reversible New York Souvenirs Jacket

Brooklyn Reversible jacket

Pair it with our “Send Noods” baseball cap, embroidered with a cup of noodles and chopsticks. The cap has an adjustable strap back and eyelets at the top (so your hair can breathe – we believe in preventing baldness). Pair this look with a pair of Birkenstocks to really get you ready to take on the town. At Brooklyn Cloth, we encourage you to keep stylin’. Add our White Printed Space Dye Tee under the jacket for a killer street vibe. Our motto for this shirt is "Taking something that might go unnoticed or normal to majority of people and putting it on its own pedestal. The sword is something that I have tattooed on my chest and partially on my neck, and that will be there forever.” You’ll step out looking like a true playa, and by that, we mean attending all those sports playoffs in your new get up.

Send Noods Baseball hat

Let’s face it. 90s fashion has really made a comeback, which is why we are supplying you with the goods to make a fashion statement on the town or in class. Serve up Joey from Full House inspiration with bright colors or deliver a hot-boy Johnny Depp simplistic look. At Brooklyn Cloth, we support the combination of other brands with the inclusion of our hot and trending product assortment. Keep on styling, dudes.


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