How to wear Camo and why it's back

How to wear Camo and why it's back

Camouflage is a pattern inspired by mother nature that dates back to the early 1900s. This pattern of disguise was originally worn as uniforms during World War I. The popular pattern has come and gone over the years, continuing to make an appearance from time to time. Today, camouflage has made its voice loud and clear again, after being silenced for roughly 15 years — ever since Cady Heron wore army pants and flip flops, so everyone wore army pants and flip flops. 

 Camouflage Collection  by Brooklyn Cloth                                               

While this pattern is reminiscent of early 00s fashion - or even men at war - us fashionistas have taken camouflage and added our own modern-day flair to it. As for the SS ‘18 fashion shows, this pattern was painted among men’s collections - which became a defined fashion statement for upcoming streetwear appearances. Designers Zadig & Voltaire both displayed camo pieces - including boiler suits and cargo pants - in their lines. Jeremy Scott introduced camo trousers, while Michael Kors dabbled with camo jackets. At Brooklyn Cloth, we also wanted to jump on the bandwagon-in-disguise. We will be adding 28 camo pieces to our fall collection - we know, that’s a lot of “hidden” content on our page.


Blend in at the BB gun tournament

Get your BB guns ready, guys — we have the perfect outfit for that tournament with your buddies. It’ll keep your pals guessing where you are, thanks to the camouflage you’ll be sporting. Our Camo Savage Anorak is a great hoodie to wear for your paintball tournament, keeping you from being coated in paint. Details of this jacket include a “Savage” box logo on the front – ensuring your BB gun pals know you mean business.

Camo Savage Anorak Hoodie  

This jacket is a perfect piece for a brisk night with the attached hoodie and drawstrings, as well as the front flap pocket. We *dabbled* with splashes of red for the drawstring and the “Savage” logo box to add that modern-day camo flair. We also offer this jacket without the logo, as well a child’s size with a “Notorious” logo box, so that you and your little bro can match at the bb gun tournament.


Show off your deep love of Mean Girls

You know what day it is? That’s right — it’s almost October 3rd — also known as National Mean Girls Day. In preparation for this monumental day, hold onto your hats, buckle up your seat belts, and get ready to check out some super swag army pants (but not flip flops this time around guys, sorry). 


Our Core Camo Twill Jogger Pants are a triple threat: style, comfort, and flair all in one! Woah! Details for these pants include seam cut lines on the knee, an elastic waistband and drawstrings, as well as elastic ankle cuffs for a true fit. You’ll be looking totally fetch in these.

 Camo Joggers Pants and how to wear them

Our Camo Cargo Twill Jogger Pants have a similar look, so you can keep your closet looking grool.


Missed your alarm and running late?

Oh dear, bed head again. Don’t have enough time to style your hair without showing up late to gym class? Well, check out our latest camo hat to cover those stubborn Alfalfa hairs (and look super cool while doing so). Our Camo Smiley Face Dad Hat includes an embroidered drippy smiley face with camo print all over. The cap has an adjustable strap with a clasp and eyelet holes at the top. Turn bed head into a fashion statement by throwing on this cap as you grab a pop tart on the way out the door.



Snuggle up in Sherpa 

Did you know that Sherpa is made from the leftover fluff at Build-a-Bear Workshop? HA, kidding, but let me tell you what else we got for ya. We are serving this Sherpa hoodie sunny side up. This Camo Sherpa Quarter Zip hoodie is the epitome of a fluffy bear from Build-a-Bear. Style this hoodie with our Black Twill Joggers while you’re at it for a completely spruced up look! Details include camo print all over, a quarter zip, a hood, and front pockets. If you’re looking for something a little less fluffy – we don’t judge, you want what you want – check out our Camo Savage Long Sleeve Tee. Details of this crewneck, modern fit long sleeve tee include 100% coolness…as well as graphics on the front, sleeves, and back.


Keep cool year-round

If you’re one of those guys who likes wearing shorts when its 60 degrees outside — well, really all-year-round — check out these camo shorts that we’ve got at Brooklyn Cloth. Our Printed Black Camo Jogger Shorts are the perfect shorts with their modern fit and elastic waist. The slanted pockets are great for keeping your hands warm while you take a stroll around Prospect Park. We also have these bad boys in a Printed Olive Camo, perfect for Thanksgiving dinner with Grandma Betty.

  Camo Twill Joggers with cargo pockets         

 So, we were just thinking. We know your legs are probably going to get a little cold in your camo shorts, so we thought maybe this next piece would be suitable for you. We’ve got a Camo Cozy Knit Hoodie to pair with your new shorts for a killer combo. I mean, if denim on denim can happen, why can’t camo on camo? Give it a go, pal! Details of this hoodie include happiness and fluff. That’s it. Enjoy.

 Camouflage  Hoodie with graphics for men

Alright, so how are you feeling? Ready to stir up that camo pot of style? Are you ready to toss on those Brooklyn Cloth army pants and flip flops to the spring formal? We think so! We are just trying to support your daily activities. Also, backtracking to before, make sure to pick up some Tide-To-Go for the BB gun tournament, just in case you get paint all over your hoodie. Don’t want that to stain, yikes.


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