A Brooklyn Tale

A Brooklyn Tale

When you want to make plans and go somewhere different why not take a walk around Brooklyn, New York! There are so many things to do / see and places you may have never heard of before. The peeps of Brooklyn Cloth decided to take an adventure into Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York and found pretty awesome spots that you probably heard of but never ventured to.

For those that love record stores and chill spots you may want to check out the awesome but hidden Rough Trade Record Store not only do they have vinyl records but also a coffee shop and even have some awesome books. This place preserves nostalgia for those who grew up with record players and the 90's babies. You don't have to be a 90's kid to go to a record store you can be 15 years old to go and just jam out to some great classic music.

So if you are looking for a chill spot with friends during the day or evening you may want to check this rad place out. 

 If you walk the streets of Brooklyn you'll notice tons of artwork on the sides of buildings and some are pretty dope. They all mean something and majority of them are pretty cool to look at and take pictures of. 

For those that are 21 + there is a cool bar where you can take your dog! How cool is that you get to chill with your beloved side kick at a bar but only if you are 21 +. The place is called Lucky Dog and it is on Bedford Avenue it is small but intimate and they have an outdoor section in the back with wood carved tables and chairs by hand, pretty awesome! You can order your favorite beverage chill with friends and your "home dog." 

Since living in Brooklyn can be pricey and if you love to shop until you drop but know that you can't go over board don't sweat it, there are some cool thrift stores that you can shop at and go crazy in. Reasonably priced gently used clothing and plus you help save Earth by buying recycled clothing. The thrift store we went to was called Arbor Vitae and it is right next to Lucky Dog on Bedford Ave. They had a bunch of different labels at affordable prices! We love thrift stores because you never know one person's trunk is another person's treasure, so what are you waiting for, go to Arbor and find your hidden gems!

 If you love to read books that are not boring than you should take our advice and visit the Quimby's Bookstore! This bookstore is amazing they have items for sale that you would not see in your average bookstore which makes it all the more exciting to go to! Very unique items and books that make you ponder what else is out there besides the Harry Potter Series. They even have awesome pins and magnets made from bottle caps off of beer, like who does this better? The answer is nobody! Only Quimby's knows how to do it right! So the next time you visit Brooklyn make sure to check out this dope book store! 

Towards the end of the day we wanted something sweet to eat. We would always see on social media these food colored bagels and wondered where they came from. So we actually decided to investigate this spot to check it out and to see why this is on the rage. Not only do they a rainbow bagel but different kinds of Rainbow bagels, they have a galaxy bagel, a unicorn bagel, the original "rainbow bagel." They even have different kinds of cream cheeses for those who like to be bold and try new things.

Our favorite was the funfetti cream cheese with sprinkles on a warm rainbow bagel. Be careful because this is one sweet treat you may want to share with your friends. For each holiday they do a different bagel so for Mother's Day they have a pink, white and red bagel! So little homies if you want to surprise mom with something sweet because you broke one of her rules or if you dropped a pair of her earrings down the drain this bagel might get you off the hook for a little while. 



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