Best Brooklyn BBQ

Best Brooklyn BBQ

Never knew that Brooklyn, New York could ever have BBQ? Well get ready to lick your lips because you will be drooling at the mouth. We want to share our favorite spot to get some awesome BBQ Brooklyn has to offer. Our team took a journey to Brooklyn because we can't head down to the South to get BBQ so we had to improvise. We did lots of research to figure out where to go for BBQ on the east coast without having to leave New York. So we found Mable's Smokehouse and this place is awesome.

They have long wood tables that could fit 2 families at one table. They offer fountain drinks and for those 21 + they have a bar with liquor and beer bottled and on draft.

The menu is as southern as you can get with everything BBQ including a side dish with every entree. They had everything from pork chops to pulled pork sandwiches, for those that are not a fan or pork of beef they had chicken.

Our favorite was the BBQ pulled chicken sandwich.

This sandwich was the perfect size and had the perfect amount of chicken on it. The chicken was smothered in BBQ sauce and was put on a warm hamburger bun. Gotta be careful because it gets everywhere, so ask the staff team for a side of extra napkins. The next best part was that it came with any side dish that you wanted. One of our team members had mac n cheese and the other had corn bread.

The mac n cheese was perfect they added extra melted cheese on top but it kind of tasted like the nacho cheese and we were not complaining because that was the best part our taste buds were singing. We were eating good on the east coast that is for sure.

We even noticed that when you first walk in Mable's Smokehouse has an area where you can order food for take out. Comfort BBQ food = happy life! So when you don't have time to hang out and chill you can take this delicious BBQ back home or to work if you have time for a quick lunch break. We highly recommend that you do!

During the summer they have an outside patio but it was too cold to go out there but in the summer time they play music and people can dance and mingle with new and old friends. This place was so not Brooklyn and that is what made it one of the best. When you can walk into a restaurant and not feel like your in your home town is a great little escape.

So when you want really good BBQ go to Mable's Smokehouse in Brooklyn!

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