Akinyemi x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Akinyemi x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Who is Akinyemi?

Akinyemi (ah-kin-yeh-me) is a 24-year old rapper, voice actor, songwriter, model, and producer. A Queens Village-native, Akinyemi is known for getting vulnerable in his lyrics, his sound often reflects “journey”, and self-reflection, with lyrics that embody introspection and self-care. 


Akinyemi’s name means “fated to be a warrior” in Yoruba, a Nigerian tribe in which his family originates. His namesake is the basis of his anticipated debut album, it’s about a journey of a Nigerian-American based in Queens trying to break through the mold & do something new and creative while creating a path for those in the future to do the same.

Akinyemi for Brooklyn Cloth coaches jacket

About his music, who is he as a musician?

Live Nation’s Ones To Watch said “Akinyemi’s distinctive brand of hip-hop is one that finds its strength in vulnerability, turning bouts of lyrical self-reflection into a sonic voyage that is greater than the sum of its parts. Playing with themes of lo-fi and reflective hip-hop, his journey is equal parts wistful and spirited. It is the calm and collected braggadocio of an artist wholly prepared to stay true to himself and his roots, built around a sonic background that is infectious in its understated approach.”
Black Graphic Tees for Akinyemi

What’s different about this album?

This album is a look into the world through the eyes of a “warrior”. I use the term ‘warrior’ often in my music & image because it’s my direct namesake. The making of this debut album has been different than my first EP because I’m very involved in the production decisions of every record and making sure they seamlessly flow from song to song, in complete cohesion. In “summers”, two years ago, I felt like I was adapting to beats being sent my way, rather than making the production in the rooms myself, with live musicians and everything. It’s a really self-reflective album, with topics and conversations about being unguarded with your thoughts, emotions, and actions. It’s also a motivational piece to myself, to get it together, so to speak. And I hope that whoever listens to it, can relate and apply that same message and ambition in their own life.
Akinyemi Tee Shirt for mens

Akinyemi Jacket for mens


The inspiration about the album and how this reflects the design behind the clothing produced?

The quote on the back of the jacket & t-shirt The voice of one can change the lives of many. Stay True + Stand for what you believe” essentially summarizes the mindset behind the album, as well as my outlook on the state of the world / country today. This journey of a “warrior” is reflected in my upbringing, as well as current events. The inspiration behind the album was less musical based, but more inspired by conversations with friends, and collaborators and different emotions that those conversations brought about, that trickled into the music. Lastly, I put the phonetic spelling of my name, (ah-kin-yeh-me), because people always pronounce my name wrong! So just a reminder to get it right. haha.

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