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Back to School Must-Haves

Back to School Must-Haves

This fall don’t be caught outside the classroom without your best outfit. Brooklyn Cloth has got you covered with our back to school clothes for men. Inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood TV show, 'Recess,' and more relevant than ever, here are the best outfits to take it back to the old school and look your best before class, during lunch and recess, and of course, at that cool hangout spot after school.


1. T.J. Detweiler

Rocking the simple and timeless look, TJ rocks a simple t-shirt for comfort paired with a classic bomber in case those wacky school AC units go crazy. On the bottom, nothing would go better than some classic grey fleece joggers to not slow him down from escaping detention and pulling stunts!

2. Vince LaSalle

Being the most athletic of your friends comes with a price. But if you have that title, then why not showcase it? Rocking the USA jersey with a t-shirt to keep within those dress code guidelines, it is the perfect way to take a 90s look with a modern taste, especially with the slim cargo shorts to round out your outfit.

3. Ashley Spinelli

Being the toughest kid on the block isn’t easy and with that, you need an outfit that matches the attitude. The best way to do is to represent the city through the ‘90s that was the toughest, Chicago mesh tee. With that, have to have a coaches jacket to layer up, paired with some tan joggers, there isn’t any other way to own the grounds!

4. Mikey Blumberg

Just because you are the biggest kid on the block, doesn’t mean you have to act like it! Just like Mikey had a passion for singing, represent your passion, and one way to do that is by rocking Brooklyn Cloth’s limited edition Animation Block t-shirt! Paired with some tan joggers, the simplest and best neutral toned outfit.

5. Gus Griswald

Sometimes it pays off to be the good kid. Sitting in the front of the classroom definitely has its perks. But just because you are in the classic green button down and some slim fit modern olive joggers, don’t let anyone fool you that you won’t be the king on the dodgeball court.

No matter which outfit you choose, you're sure to be the best dressed at your high school. Or maybe you're heading off to college? Check out our college clothes for men to look stylish while chilling in the dorm room to studying hard at the library. 

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