What is Athleisure: Top Must-Have Items to Get Started

Athleisure, what is it? For one, I can tell you that it is not the definition of when an athlete is not practicing. Athleisure is a type of fashion style that is derived from street wear to put emphasis on comfort while still keeping the old t-shirts and outdated sweatpants tucked away in the back of the closet. Defined as a trend in fashion that is designed for workout purposes has been gifted a second life as it is becoming more scene in places such as work, school and casual settings.

Making their way out of the gym and into everyday wardrobes is something that we can all get behind to boost time for activities without having to change from outfit to outfit. Now, this is not to get confused with just wearing some of your old high school t-shirts and calling it athleisure, but below there are a few items that can give you a head start in getting the most out of your athleisure wardrobe.

Starting from top to bottom, creating a men's athleisure wardrobe begins with comfort and solid colors and the best way to do that is to have plain colored or minimal patterned t-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves. Check out this list below to get your athleisure wardrobe started!


1. Black Single Striped Tee & Light Grey Multi Stripe Tee

Every outfit starts with a solid t-shirt. The best t-shirt is one that compliments the rest of the outfit; Nothing fancy, small or no graphics, think simplicity!


2. White Checkered Hoodie & Black Side Stripe Sleeveless Hoodie

The hoodie, the most comfortable part of any athleisure fit should also be simple and easy to match with the rest of the outfit. Use this piece to create some contrast between the top and bottom of the outfit.


3. Black Marl Loop French Terry Jogger & Black Snow Varsity Stripe Jogger

THE JOGGER! The pinnacle of any athleisure outfit are the bottoms of course! The best would be to do either grey or black as those colors can fit into a darker outfit theme or easily can be paired with contrasting lighter colors!

Whether it is hot, cold, or just right, athleisure is always a safe bet when there needs to be a go-to outfit. Brooklyn Cloth has got you covered to maximize the most out of your new wardrobe to look your best all while being the most comfortable. 

Be sure to finish your athleisure look off with a pair of cool sneakers from one of these sneaker shops in Brooklyn.

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