Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Brandon Barcena

Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Brandon Barcena

Artist: @portraitsbybrandon———————————————————————————

“My name is Brandon Barcena or @portraitsbybrandon on insta and I was born and raised in Calgary Canada. I have been shooting for about 4 years, ever since my sister let me borrow her Canon T3i, which I pretty much inherited and still use to this day. I became interested in portrait photography, which is my preferred style, about 2 years ago. A big reason why I love shooting portraits, aside from any photography aspect, is the relationships that are created. For me, shooting portraits is more about building that relationship with your subject because this will allow them to feel more comfortable and the shots will be more natural. Portrait photography has allowed me to meet so many unique and amazing individuals that this world is filled with, which is why I can never get enough portraits. When you have a genuine connection with your subject it really shows through the photos that you take of them. One of my goals is to express my true self through the pieces I create. To me as long as one person is able to resonate with my work, and feel connected to it, I am doing my job as an artist. I like to leave my photos up to interpretation so that it leaves the door open for anyone to feel some sort of connection to the piece. I believe that’s what my art and art as a whole is, pieces that have a voice of their own, yet still, have a connection with the viewer and the artist.”


Brandon is a member of the @barangayboisand will be making a visit all the way from Calgary! 

Brandon Barcena Work 

Brandon Barcena Work

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