Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Frank Samuel Barcelos

Frank Samuel Barcelos Barangay Bois


“My name is Frank Samuel Barcelos. I graduated from Rutgers Newark as a Journalism major and Video Production minor. I currently work as a photographer at Noledge Productions. When I got into photography, I loved the journalistic story telling aspect of it. I loved to shoot portraits of people because it put these faces on a platform to share who they were and what dreams they had. A dream of mine is to travel all over just to photograph portraits of many people. To be in this gallery is a huge blessing and I’m thankful for my friends and peers who’ve worked hard to put this together. They’re big dreamers who inspire and encourage my own dreams."

Frank is a member of the @barangayboiswho will be showcasing his work on June 22nd! He and @noledgeproductions have worked with many artists including @dumbfoundead , @officialyox and @xhyolynx and will be covering the photography and videography of our upcoming event! To learn more about @frank.nldge and @noledgeproductions , visit their IG!

Frank Samuel Barcelos Work

Frank Samuel Barcelos Work

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