Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Gerome Ventura

 Gerome Ventura Barangay Bois

Artist: @g.romeee


“YEOOO! My name is Gerome Ventura and I am a Filipino-born artist raised in New York. My roots of becoming an artist started when my mom showed me how to draw landscapes at age 7 in the Philippines. Ever since then, my curiosity with different art mediums sparked and started trying out different mediums, especially when I moved to the US in 2006. I finally touched photography when I started going to college for architecture in NYC. As a Long Islander going to school in NYC, I felt like it's a great opportunity for me to get the feel of what it's like being a New Yorker. I was really inspired by my homie @fixd to take photos because I always see him exploring around NYC. Since I was very interested in architecture, street photography became the first type to shoot. As time goes on, I realize that portraits give you lots of possibilities to create, whether it's creating a story or simply aesthetics. Being an architecture student, the use of geometry, lights, movements, details and space became the main components I use in my concepts to create visual stories.”


Gerome is a member of the @barangaybois and will be showcasing his work at our summer gallery on June 22!

 Gerome Ventura Work

 Gerome Ventura Work

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