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June 15, 2018

Artist: @hubey


“My name is Hubey Razon and I’m from

Vancouver, Canada. I first started photographing with my phone in 2014 as a way to escape the suburbs and venture out into new environments. From sneaking out my family’s camera to roof-topping to birthday events to concerts, I would say that I’ve tried most types of photography. Eventually, I delved into conceptual and fashion photography as it had major ties to my architectural studies and this is where I currently stand. Whether its’s through saving lives, arranging music, designing clothing or teaching students, I find that everyone has something important to say from their unique experiences that can be expressed as art.”


Hubey is a member of the @barangayboisand will be visiting NYC all the way from Vancouver, Canada to exhibit his work at our gallery on June 22!

Hubey Razon Work

Hubey Razon Work

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