Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Jedd Kristjan

Jedd Kristjan Barangay Bois

Artist: @jeddkristjan


“Yeoo, my name’s Jedd Kristjan, I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I got into photography sometime towards the end of highschool, as a hobby that turned into somewhat of an occupation almost by accident. I went from photographing my sneakers and friends’ outfits to things like private events and weddings over some time, thanks to word of mouth in and around my community. In a similar manner, DJing actually became part of my life not too long after. DJing quickly turned into a huge passion of mine and is actually what I’ll be showcasing during June’s event, something I’m extremely grateful for and excited about. Doing work in two completely different fields has given me the opportunity to work for a huge variety of events and occasions— something I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m currently working as a photographer at Noledge Productions, as well as continuing my freelance work as a photographer and an open-format DJ for clubs and events.” ———————————————————————————

Jedd is a member of the @barangaybois and will be DJing all night on June 22 at our summer gallery! He has DJ’ed at multiple venues such as Porta Jersey City, Miss Wong’s at Talde, and Lucky Strike.

Jedd Kristjan Work 

Jedd Kristjan Work

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