Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen Barangay Bois


“G’day! My name is Jessica Nguyen and I was born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.

In High-school all my subjects were science/mathematics based besides one subject, Studio Arts. It was my “chill” subject but I ended up enjoying it quite thoroughly and did extremely well in my exam. My artwork got displayed in the National Gallery of Victoria and I thought, “Hey, maybe I should do something creative”, but my parents wanted me to do something health science-based, so that's what I did for 4 years until I decided in December 2017 that it wasn’t for me. Though my parents weren’t very happy, I’ve decided to follow my passion for photography, specifically double exposure photography and street photography. I’m a strong believer in “express not impress” and my goal now is to not only strive as an artist but as an individual and wholeheartedly follow my dreams as an upcoming creative.”


Jessica is a member of the @barangaybois and will be coming all the way from Australia to showcase on June 22nd! This will be her first time in America! Jessica has done big things over in Australia. She was one of the featured artists for @takubeats’ “Thinking of You” gallery, and shot with artists including @tokimonsta & @giraffage 

Jessica Nguyen Work 

Jessica Nguyen Work

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