Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth Collection: Thomas Dang

Thomas Dang Barangay Bois


“Sup, my name is Thomas Dang, and I am a South Florida native. I grew up in a traditional Vietnamese household so when I was growing up, my parents never really understood my abstract goals in life. I picked up a camera at the end of 2016 just so I could use my own photos to edit, I’ve always loved photoshop so editing was no problem for me. In the past year my life has changed so much, I’ve been working with more video in addition to film photography. I really can’t explain my life, it’s spontaneous yet everything always works out. I am always excited for what is to come, and for the people who I cross paths with.”


Thomas is a member of the Barangay Bois and is currently the creative media specialist for Media Monsters. He has shot several large-scale music events such as Rolling Loud, and has had his work featured on publications such as HYPEBEAST, Complex, XXL, and more. He will be showcasing his work at our gallery on June 22nd. DON’T SLEEP! 

Thomas Dang Work

Thomas Dang Work

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