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June 15, 2018

Artist: @felice.c0m


“Growing up as an only child with the desire to make my parents proud ingrained in me, I started off as an academic afraid to make mistakes, always striving for perfection in the form of an A+. Photography was always in my life and going from a hobby to a passion, I quickly found myself using it as an escape from the pressures I felt to always be perfect.  As someone inspired by movies, I aim to tell stories with my photos and have them evoke different kind of emotions, as opposed to just being a well-taken shot. I love that it is the one constant in my life that I could turn to for happiness and my journey with photography has taught me how to appreciate the beauty in spontaneity and imperfection.”


Feliceis a member of the @barangaybois and will be visiting from Toronto, Canada to showcase her work at summer gallery on June 22! 

Felice Work

Felice Work

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