Barangay Bois x Brooklyn Cloth: Justin Peralta

Justin Peralta Barangay Bois


“Hello humans! My name is Justin Peralta @jstnprlt, I was born in NYC, but was raised in Puerto Rico and came back to NYC a few years ago. My main career for the most part has been in fashion for about 6 years, anything from sales, styling and merchandizing.  Since I was in senior year I always had a thing for photography, but I never had the money afford a camera and about 4 years ago a friend offered me his camera so I could start doing my thing, have to thank @itscarus for always being down to work out anything I had in mind. In a span of year I’ve had the opportunity to show my work in about 5 shows with @thejuiceboxparty, @isnystudio and @pursuitofportraits and had my work published on one of their spring issue magazines. Photography is definitely a big part of this chapter of my life, but like everything it’s another artistic tool for me to tell you a story about the past, present, future or just bring you into my world. I don’t have a set genre of photography that I enjoy, since I enjoy it in it’s entirety, I get really experimental with it. See ya’ll at the show!”


Justin is a member of the @barangayboisand has been working on a dope project with @itscarus called @contentlabel 

Justin Peralta Work

Justin Peralta Work

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