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Best Bagels in Brooklyn

Best Bagels in Brooklyn

Finding a quality bagel in New York can be tough. Look no farther than here for the list of the eight best bagel places that Brooklyn has to offer!

1. Lula Bagel, 816 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11216

Some think the staff is a little rough around the edges, we prefer to say that is the seasoning on top of the experience.

2. Smith St. Bagels, 202 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY, 11201

If you’re looking for great food, a fantastic experience, and some of the friendliest service in Brooklyn, look no farther then Smith St. Bagels. Not to forget that their coffee is also a must-try!

3. Terrace Bagels, 222A Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Nobody wants to be a plain bagel, and for this reason is why heading to Terrace Bagels is the best bet. With the best selection of spreads that Brooklyn has to offer, why search else ware for your bagel toppings?

4. Bagel Pub, 775 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11238

The one downside to this bagel spot is that if you are in a rush, you might be out of luck. But with some time to spare, then this is the place to treat yourself with nothing but the best that is at a great price point!

5. Bergen Bagel, 470 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

With so many flavors to choose, it isn’t a surprise why so many customers end up coming again and again. Honorable mention that the cream cheese is rich and fresh which is always a good decision to put on top.

6. La Bagel Delight, 284 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

When just a normal bagel isn’t cutting it, seems that it is time to head down to La Bagel. The breakfast sandwiches are well worth the trip and with friendly customer service on top, it is no wonder why people don’t go anywhere else.

7. Bagel World Park Slope, 339 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Sometimes busy, sometimes crowded, but always delicious! Be sure to ask for what is fresh and don’t be afraid to try the rainbow bagel. This is the one stop-shop to satisfy that craving.

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