Best Gifts for Sisters

Best Gifts for Sisters

Pssst…I don’t know if you know this, but you missed National Sister Day last month. Just in case you were wondering why your sister was a little sassy with you, August 2 was the day you should have posted an Instagram photo of her with #nationalsisday #lovemysibling, and given her a sick gift. Well, at Brooklyn Cloth, we’ve decided to help you out. Give her a late National Sister Day gift and say it was delayed by UPS —she might buy it.


Maybe you don’t know exactly what to get your sis, but we’ve got you covered. Our California Raglan Sweatshirt is the perfect piece for her “I’m running late, I need something cute” look. This sweatshirt delivers an easy-breezy lifestyle, perfect for the sister dreaming of California sun. It pairs great with leggings or jeans for a simple look. The lightweight hacci knit strays from wrinkles and will last for years to come, reminding her what a great sibling you are. Have her repping California, while she sips on her Pumpkin Spice latte this fall, mmm.

 Best gifts for sisters

Instead of pranking your sis and putting her stuff in Jell-O (again), why not get her a phone case inspired by one of her favorite TV shows, The Office. This phone case captures an image of the world’s greatest boss, Michael Scott. His jaw-dropping facial expression is printed on top of a colorful background, created to resemble the art piece Scream, but with a modern twist. This artsy, yet humorous phone case is the perfect present to express your sister’s individuality. Spice up her phone with style and stunning protection.

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Give your sis our Navy Fleece Sweatshirt, and she won’t even be mad you gave it to her two months late, because it’s so cozy she’ll feel she’s being hugged by her big bro all day. This sweatshirt is perfect for keeping her warm during a long day of classes, her soccer game, and band practice. If that sounds like your sis, this is the sweatshirt for her, so that she stays cozy throughout her hectic day. This crewneck is easy to pair with leggings, jeans, and hey, even some pajama pants for a night in, watching Halloweentown and sipping on hot cocoa with her favorite sibling (aka – you).

 Navy Cropped Top for women

For some reason, faces are all the rage right now. You know those dangly earrings with faces? Urban Outfitters offers a rad "Winky” embroidered pillow, perfect to create a homey space on her bed for a nap. This cotton and polyfill pillow is the perfect boho-chic décor with a side of cheekiness. The embroidered design is the perfect (late) gift for National Sister Day if you really don’t know what to get her. Like, how can you go wrong with a sassy pillow?


Remember those early mornings when you had to get up at the crack of dawn to head to school, and your mom was banging on your door to hurry up because she made you eggs and they were getting cold, and she had already started the car and cranked the heat because it’s cold outside and wants it to be warm for when you drive to school together? So, our Grey Half Zip Sherpa Hoodie is a great piece for a morning like that! This sheep-in-disguise hoodie will keep your sister super cozy and warm while heading to school in the morning. Yea, she might be tired, but at least she’ll be cuddled-up during her 8 am math class, thanks to her favorite sibling. This lightweight and durable fleece will become a staple piece in her closet and will have her looking forward to scarfing down breakfast early in the morning.

PS — We also offer this hoodie in a cream color!

 Cozy Grey Hoodie for women as gifts

Is your sis a caring and emotional Cancer, an outgoing, yet indecisive Gemini, or an earthy, but stubborn Taurus? Target has these relaxing and de-stressing astrological candles to add a little mood to her room. The glass jar candle design will provide some calming vibes for her space, while the scent of your choice (coconut, peach, gardenia, musk, tonka bean, or vanilla) has that comforting, zen smell. This 7.8oz candle burns for up to 40 hours, so whether she is meditating, taking a nice bubble bath, or studying, she’ll be able to unwind.


As a bonus for your sis, we think this cow utter mug is the perfect quirky item for her to drink her morning beverages from. Who doesn’t like cows? The mug is great for her morning coffee, tea, water, OJ, hot cocoa, and the occasional Ovaltine — mmm. There is also only ONE more being sold on eBay, get your utters now!


Well, we hope this helped you out a little, pal. Whether you gift your sis a Brooklyn Cloth pullover, hoodie, or crewneck to keep her cozy all day, a phone case, candle, pillow, or cow utters, your sister won’t even remember that her National Sister Day gift was two months late. These top ten gifts for her will have her serving you up the goods for National Brother Day on May 24 (we know, a bit far), but maybe you’ll end up getting a little extra stocking stuffer from her this holiday season. Who knows, maybe you will really have her jumping for joy from the sight of Michael Scott’s face. I mean, who wouldn’t be pumped up about that?


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